Urban Geography

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Urban geography
Urban geography is a branch of human geography concerned with various aspects of cities. An urban geographer's main role is to emphasize location and space and study the spatial processes that create patterns observed in urban areas. To do this, they study the site, evolution and growth, and classification of villages, towns and cities as well as their location and importance in relation to different regions and cities. Economic, political and social aspects within cities are also important in urban geography. In order to fully understand each of these aspects of a city, urban geography represents a combination of many other fields within geography. Physical geography for example is important in understanding why a city is located in a specific area as site and environmental conditions play a large role in whether or not a city develops. Cultural geography can aid in understanding various conditions related to an area's people, while economic geography aids in understanding the types of economic activities and jobs available in an area. Fields outside of geography such as resource management, anthropology and urban sociology are also important.

Urban geography is the study of areas which have a high concentration of buildings and infrastructure. These are areas where the majority of economic activities are in the secondary sector and tertiary sectors. They often have a high population density.

Urban geography is that branch of science, which deals with the study of urban areas, in terms of concentration, infrastructure, economy, and environmental impacts.

It can be considered a sub-discipline of the larger field of human geography with overlaps of content with that of Cultural Geography. It can often overlap with other fields of study such as anthropology and urban sociology. Urban geographers seek to understand how factors interact over space, what function they serve and their interrelationships. Urban geographers also look at the...
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