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What is Geography?
Geography, simply put, can be summed up in two words: “where and why” (Rubenstein). However, it is difficult to sum geography up simply because, in fact, there is nothing simple about it. Geography can explain everything about “the earth, its peoples, and why [the] two interact as they do” (Sherer). Geography is studied by the geographers of the world who use “[maps] and mapping… [To] analyze and portray the world” (Knox) because “people everywhere struggle to understand [it]” (Knox). Geography, being “both a physical and a social science” (Rubenstein), can explain how the distribution of people, disease, language, climate, food, etc. has affected the world as a whole. Overall, geography explains the physical aspects of the world, while also provoking our thoughts and questions about it. Finally, “geography stimulates our imaginations and satisfies our curiosity about the many exciting people and places in the world” (Corbin). Abby Rice

Mr. Ewen
AP Human Geo Summer Assignment: Response 2
Why is Geography Important?
In America, literacy is one of the first things children are taught, embarking their education. Being literate opens a world to imagination and reading that is valued so much in our country. If we are willing to focus so much on literacy and reading to understand a world of imagination, why doesn’t America spend even half of that effort pushing geography- which helps us understand the world we live in? Geography surrounds us. “[We] live ‘geography’” (Gritzner). “[Resources]…weather and climate…disease…species...” (Gritzner) they all surround us, yet so many people are ignorant to learn about them. So many Americans lack a general knowledge of the world around them. How are they supposed to make meaningful decisions without a meaningful knowledge?

“Americans rank among the least literate in geographic knowledge” (Gritzner) which is ironic because Americans are making most of the decisions that affect the world’s geography....
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