Key three and four of chapter thirteen final

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Key three and four of chapter thirteen
Key three:
Why Are Urban Areas Expanding?
Urban expansion has been mainly focused on suburbs that surround older cities. Suburban Expansion
Cities use to expand by adding peripheral land as they grew. A city now is a legally incorporated entity that encompasses the older portion of the urban area. THE PERIPHERAL MODEL
North Americans follow the peripheral model where it is implicated that an urban area includes the city and built-up suburbs. DEFINING URBAN SETTLEMENTS
Cities and their suburbs can be described as: a city is a legal entity, an urban area is a continuously built-up area, and a metropolitan area is a functional area. LEGAL DEFINITION OF CITY.
An urban settlement that has been legally incorporated into an independent, self-governing unit can describe “city”. A city surrounded by suburbs is sometimes called a central city, in the United States. URBAN AREA.

An urban area can be defined as the central city and the surrounding built-up suburbs, in the United States. Urban areas consist of a dense core of census tracts, densely settled suburbs, and low-density land that links the dense suburbs with the core. The census recognizes two types of urban areas: an urbanized area and an urban cluster. METROPOLITAN STATISTICAL AREA.

The metropolitan statistical area (MSA) is a method of measuring the functional area of a city. MSA’s include an urbanized area with a population of at least 50,000, the country within which the city is located, and adjacent countries with a high population density and a large percentage of residents working in the central city’s country. OVERLAPPING METROPOLITAN AREAS

In some regions, adjacent metropolitan areas overlap with each, creating large contiguous urban complexes. The United States has nearly 90,000 local governments, making it difficult to address urban problems. LOCAL GOVERNMENT FRAGMENTATION

Consolidations of city and county governments.
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