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Metropolitan Area

 Metropolitan paper Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL         In this paper, we are going to look at Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), which is defined by the United States Census Bureau. This MSA is also be called as Tampa Bay Area. It is a region close to Tampa Bay and west of central Florida. Throughout this paper, I will collect data from different categories of the Tampa MSA and going to...

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Industrial Attachment Report

1.0 Executive Summary. 2.0 The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (K.M.A) constitutes the highest political authority in the metropolis. It is divided into ten administrative Sub-Metro council areas with 24 Town Councils and 419 Unit Commitees. The Assembly itself is made of 87 members with 60 of them elected and 27 appointed by the state, with the Metro Chief Executive who is the Mayor of Kumasi. The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly is centrally located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.  Its unique central...

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Crime Data

the Atlanta metropolitan area in Georgia and the metropolitan area of Tampa Bay in Florida are going to be compared and see where they stand among these statistics. The reported incidents in these areas will be compared; the rate of crimes in both areas will be compared, change in crime rates over time in both areas will be compared, and lastly the factors explaining the change in the crime rates of these areas will be explained. Twenty eight counties and The Atlanta Metropolitan Area is made up...

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Cja/314 Week 1 Criminology in the Criminmal Justice System

Criminology in the 21st Century The metropolitan areas alone are recognized for crimes on a daily basis. Throughout this paper we will be discussing the comparison of the occurrence of the offenses in the selected areas. We will be identifying the number of occurrences reported to the police for each area and addressing reported incidents, rates of the crimes, rate changes and differences in the rates. Two metropolitan areas we will be discussing will be Allentown PA and Albany-Schenectady...

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Pizza Hut

net sales growth. Domino's has also strategically challenged Pizza Hut's initiation in delivery service by focusing its expansion in metropolitan areas with heavy advertising and promotion. To Pizza Hut, the threat by Domino's is very real. Pizza Hut started to respond to the Domino's threat by quickly launching delivery-only units, mainly in the metropolitan areas. The company-ran delivery-only service has not been profitable, possibly due to the high cost in deploying the Customer Service Center...

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Team Assignment Week 5

Team Assignment Week 5 Your team members run an HR consultant firm to several companies in the metropolitan area. In your email in box one morning there are several emails from several different companies, all of which want your advice on the legality of Help Wanted ads for jobs in their respective companies. Their main question is whether or not the job ads would violate any of the federal laws which prohibit job discrimination. Here is the content of the email queries: A. (From a local...

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Jones Blair Case Analysis

Dallas Fort Worth Area. With growing competition it’s harder to standout in the DFW area as brands battle with in Super Stores due to the number of stores merging or going out of business. The competition is cutting their prices to gain market share making sure you are in as many stores as possible has become a key factor to success. Full product penetration in all areas of the market will be key to ensure strong sales figures and growth. The distribution of sales in this area are relatively split...

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Cja 314 Crime Data

location and population. The two areas that are selected for this paper were Akron, Ohio, based on that I have family that reside there and it was very interesting looking at the statistics in this area. Also, another area chosen was Altoona, Pennsylvania, based on several friends/family is from that area as well. This paper will cover crime data from 2007, 2008, 2009 based on Aggravated Assault cases in those areas. The statistics show dramatic changes within both areas over the years according to the...

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modes of transportation

Introduction Metro Manila is the metropolitan region which has the most populous metropolitan area in the Philippines and 11th most populous in the world. Based on 2010 national statistics it had a population of 11,855,975 populations that is 13% of national population (2010 Population and Housing Census: NCR). The rapid population growth corresponds to more economic needs and mobility for transport of goods, services and products. The direct relationship between urban areas and its population must meet...

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Frito Lay Case Study

introducing the product into market. This test has shown positive result as more consumers got attracted. (Frito lay corporation.n.d.). Case problem: Sun chips had been in test market for 10 months in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, and metropolitan area. The senior Frito-Lay executives need to decide it they would launch this new product to market officially after the test period. The snack chip category is highly competitive and the new-product failure rate is high. This is the main cause of...

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