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  • Paramecium: Length Width Length

    usually less than 0.25mm in length and covered with minute hair-like projections called cilia. They are characterized by their cilia which are used in locomotion and during feeding. Paramecia feed on bacteria. Paramecia have 2 nuclei‚ 1 macronucleus and 1 micronucleus. Some have up to 80 micronuclei! The organism cannot survive without macronucleus and cannot reproduce without micronucleus. I used the 4x on the Parmecium caudatum to measure 11 cells they varied in length from 145.44-199.98um‚

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  • Length and Pm

    7.Area of Sectors and Segments.notebook Arcs‚ Sectors and Segments March 27‚ 2012 Arc - part of a circle’s circumference - measured in degrees or length units. Mar 17­10:25 AM Length of an Arc = Mar 17­10:28 AM Example: Determine the length of arc AB. A 80 Pull m = measure of central angle in degrees 5 cm B 0 r = radius of circle Mar 17­10:30 AM Mar 17­10:33 AM 1 7.Area of Sectors and Segments.notebook Sector - part of a circle formed by two radii and an arc. March 27‚ 2012

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  • Length and Ft

    Chapter 1.5 Word Problems The product of two consecutive even integers. 1. Find two consecutive even integers whose product is 168 Sides of a Square 2. The length of each side of a square is 3 in. more than the length of each side of a smaller square. The sum of the areas of the squares is 149 in2. Find the lengths of the sides of the two squares. Uniform Strip 3. Cynthia Besch wants to buy a rug for a room that is 12 ft wide and 15 ft long. She wants to leave a uniform strip

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  • Length and Cliff

    The edge of the cliff is 8 feet above the level of the water. The tip of his fishing rod is directly above the edge of the cliff and is 7 feet above the cliff. He lowers his fishing line so that it enters the water at the base of the cliff. The length of his fishing line‚ l‚ which is measured from the tip of his fishing rod to the place his line enters the water‚ and the angle between his line and the water‚ θ‚ are changing as the river carries his line downstream. The horizontal distance‚ r‚

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  • Length and Savings Account

    04=$600.00 15000*.12=$1‚800.00 $1‚800.00+$600.00=$2‚400.00 John put 2400 in each investment. 4. The length of a football field is 180 feet more than its width. If the perimeter of the field is 1‚060 feet‚ find the length of the field x= length y= width x=y+180 2x+2y=1060 x-y=180 2x+2y=1060 2(y+180)+2y=1060 2y+360+2y=1060 4y+360-360=1060-360 y=175 x=y+180 x=175+180 x=355 The length of the field is 355ft‚ and the width of the field is 175. 5. At a school choir concert‚ 256 students

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  • Physics Measurement of Length

    ARCELIA ARRATIA MEASUREMENT OF LENGTH‚ MASS‚ VOLUME‚ AND DENSITY PHYSICS LAB REPORT Physics is the scientific study of matter and energy and how they interact with each other. Physics utilizes the scientific formula to test hypothesis and calculate matter such as density. Tools were created to measure material in a laboratory and have been perfected to reduce error. In this experiment measurement of length‚ mass‚ volume and density will be obtained through instruments of measuring

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  • Ethnomethodology: Length and Age

    side‚ while reviewing charts or talking over a situation‚ the acceptable distance while standing face to face was about 2-3 feet. In general‚ I believe that the accepted distance to stand away from each other‚ when face to face‚ is about an arm’s length (2-3 feet)‚ but it doesn’t seem to apply when you are standing/sitting side by side. However‚ though I was unable to

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  • Length and Actual Distance

    Name _ __________________________ Section _GEOG 101______ EXERCISE 4 PROBLEMS/SOLUTIONS—PART I For questions 1 through 4‚ calculate the following distances using the fractional map scale. (Your instructor may ask you to show your work in the space provided.) 1. On a map with a scale of 1:24‚000‚ a measured distance of one inch represents an actual distance of:                                            _2000__ feet 2. On a map with a scale of 1:62‚500‚ a measured distance of 4.5 inches represents

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  • Length and Formula Word Problem

    Cost Formula Word Problem The cost formula for a manufacturer’s product is C = 5000 + 2 x ‚ where C is the cost (in dollars) and x is the number of units manufactured. (a) If no units are produced‚ what is the cost? (b) If the manufacturer produces 3000 units‚ what is the cost? (c) If the manufacturer has spent $16‚000 on production‚ how many units were manufactured? Answer these questions by substituting the numbers into the formula. (a) If no units are produced‚ then x = 0‚ and C = 5000 +

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  • Focal Length of Lenses

    Objective The objective of this experiment was to find the focal length of two converging lenses separately and also to find the focal length of combination of two converging lenses. Another objective was to study the image formed by a converging lens plus diverging lens. Background This experiment focused on a simple lens system. A simple lens is a piece of glassware that is spherical on one side and flat on another side‚ or spherical on both sides. There are two different types of lenses

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