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  • New York City

    Like many large citiesNew York is divided and subdivided by its residents into various districts and quarters. The city’s five boroughs are actually different counties -- each one with independent local governments and cultures. Each borough has individual neighborhoods -- some of only a few blocks in size -- that have personalities lauded in music and movies. Where you live‚ work and play in New York says something to New Yorkers about who you are. The five boroughs are: Brooklyn Queens The Bronx

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  • Homelessness In New York City

    New York City has an approximate of over 7.5 million people living there (cleaningservicenewyorkcity.com). An estimate of thirty-three percent of the people who live in New York City is at or below the line of poverty (cleaningservicenewyorkcity.com). As in February‚ 2017‚ about 16‚188 homeless families with 20‚100 homeless children had slept in shelters in New York City (coalitionforthehomeless.org). Additionally‚ to the homeless families and children‚ there will be a following research based on

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  • New York City Adventure

    My favorite trip I’ve ever been on was definitely my first trip to New York City. Through the many stores and massive crowds of people I learned some important life lessons‚ other than how much I enjoy elbow room. The "Big Apple" was more that just a city to me‚ it was an experience‚ in fact‚ the whole trip was an experience! Whether it was the airplane ride to Manhattan‚ the city itself‚ or the Yankee game we went too‚ I had an amazing time. I never will forget that early morning where drove up

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  • Law and New York City

    Zoe Tyrrell 11 March 2013 Sara Vorhees-Berry English Comp II Outline Ablow‚ Keith R. Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony: A Psychological Portrait. New York City: St. Martin’s‚ 2011. Print. Ashton‚ Jeff. Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony. New York City: William Morrow‚ 2011. Print. Battaglia‚ Nicholas A. "The Casey Anthony Trial And Wrongful Exonerations: How "Trial By Media" Cases Diminish Public Confidence In The Criminal Justice System." Albany Law Review 75.3 (2012):

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  • Suicide and New York City

    “Summer Solstice‚ New York City‚” by Sharon Olds and “Death of a Window Washer‚” by X.J. Kennedy. “Summer Solstice‚ New York City” is about an attempted suicide incident. “Death of a Window Washer” describes a scene of a window washer who was killed by accident. With different descriptions and details regarding the denouement of the main characters and the reactions of the other people‚ the two poets portrayed the dark and light side of human nature.    “Summer Solstice‚ New York City” uses juxtaposition

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  • New York: City Information

    America. It was first settled in 1625‚ known as New Amsterdam by the Dutch. It is known as the city that never sleeps. New York City is probably one of the most interesting cities in the world. It has something to offer to everybody. From the moment you land in New York City there is a realization that you have landed in a different world. New York City is home to virtually every nationality on earth. With each culture represented in New York City by individuals alone the many opportunities to visit

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  • The History Of New York City

    2013 New York City and All That It Is New York City is one of the most world renowned cities in the world‚ it is the most populated city in America‚ and also the center of America. It is the center of America because of its vast history and its connection to the rest of the country in everything they do. New York City may not be the official capital of The United States of America‚ but it sure could be because of its overwhelming presence in the United States as well as the whole world. New York

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  • New York City History

    Kousouros History of New York City Midterm Exam Essay New York City always had a core identity which is doing whatever it takes to “make a buck.” The most iconic period in the history of New York City was from 1783-1825. There were also many “New Yorkers” in this time period. A “New Yorker” is someone that is face paced‚ hardworking‚ and not afraid of change. Between the years 1609-and 1825 many important events and developments occurred in New York City history‚ which made the city that it has become

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  • The Omnibuses In New York City

    Omnibuses in New York City Millions of people ride the subway in New York City everyday‚ but any time before 1826 there was no public transportation‚ and if you wanted to get somewhere you had to walk or hire an expensive private carriage. This was until 1827 when the Omnibus was brought to New York City‚ and changed how the average person got around and it shaped New York City to have residential neighborhoods and places where people worked. Like today public transportation was very successful

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  • A Night in New York City

    A night in New York City On a late Saturday evening I was studying continuously when suddenly I heard a monotonous and awful scream which made me run out of the house immediately. When I reached outside I could not believe what I had seen. A two-storey and turquoise coloured house had caught on fire. People were rushing in and out of their square shaped houses bringing huge and heavy buckets of water trying to extinguish the ravaging and terrible fire. I was behind the crowd panicking‚ trembling

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