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  • United States and New Jersey

    New Jersey v. T.L.O. Questions INITIAL THOUGHTS: 1. When should the police have the right to search you or your property? - reasonable grounds to believe that a student possesses evidence of illegal activity or activity that would interfere with school discipline.” 2. When should a school employee have the right to search you or your belongings? - a school official may properly conduct a search of student’s person if the official has a reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed

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  • New Jersey V. Tlo

    Jessica Yeganeh New Jersey v. T.L.O. 1985 Took place at Piscataway High School in New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Warren E. Burger Summary: In 1980‚ one of the teachers at Piscataway High School found two girls smoking in a restroom at the school Smoking in the restroom was in violation to the schools rules‚ there were designated smoking in the school but the restroom was not one of them. The teacher brought the two girls to the principles office The vice principle asked the two

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  • New Jersey

    New Jersey I. Government During the Revolutionary War in 1776‚ the first constitution of the state of New Jersey was written to create a government framework for the state.  The constitution has been rewritten twice to address issues that arose with the original and subsequent versions.  In the mid-1800s‚ New Jersey citizens wanted a more democratic form of state government so the 1844 constitution was drafted‚ providing for the separation of powers among the legislative‚ judicial‚ and executive

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  • Apn Rules and Regulations: New Jersey and Pennsylvania

    diseases and give treatments‚ including prescribing medications. They can operate as primary providers and treat patients of different ages‚ depending on their specialty (pediatrics‚ adults‚ geriatric etc). This is a comparison of Pennsylvania and New Jersey rules‚ regulations and practice environments for advanced practice nurses. According to the International Council of Nurses‚ an APN is a “registered nurse who has acquired the expert knowledge base‚ complex

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  • Jersey Shore

    Fist Pumping Their Way To The Top “Gym‚ Tanning‚ Laundry”‚ these three words have become increasingly popular among teenagers because of MTV’s hit reality television show‚ Jersey Shore. Television shows and their stars can become very influential to many of their viewers. Many of these viewers strive to be like these stars and mimic their style and attitude‚ in hopes of living the same careless lifestyle that has made these stars known around the world. Unfortunately‚ these television shows don’t

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  • Jersey Shore Analysis

    Jersey Shore’s Unrealistic “Reality” Jersey Shore‚ on MTV‚ is a wonderful model of reality television gone wrong. It is definitely one of the worst shows on TV‚ but has become one of the most popular. The cast of Jersey Shore reinforces negative stereotypes of Italian-Americans‚ and shows relationships and sex in an extremely negative light. Racial slurs are a part of everyday vocabulary‚ relationships are all about fighting and infidelity‚ and sexual activity is no big deal. The cast’s interactions

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  • New York vs. New Jersey

    New York vs. New Jersey Khalidah Garrett English composition‚ section M03 Professor Laura Butchy July 15‚ 2013 A way life is different from when I was younger would be the location I’ve lived in. Being born in Brooklyn‚ New York then moving to Carteret‚ New Jersey would appear to be a difficult transition for most ten year olds to handle. A few ways that made it different from each other is the pace‚ the educational system‚ and the economy. New Jersey seemed different because of the slower

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  • Reebok NFL Replica Jerseys

    Reebok NFL Replica Jerseys: A Case for Postponement Reebok is headquartered in Canton‚ Massachusetts and as of 2008 employed approx. 7‚400 people. Since 2005‚ Reebok has been a subsidiary of German company Adidas. Reebok signed a 10 year contract in December 2000 which Granted exclusive license to manufacture NFL replica on-field jerseys‚ sideline apparel and NFL branded merchandise. The NFL (National Football League) is comprised of 32 teams across the United States. The NFL Season runs from September

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  • Jersey Shore

    Jersey Shore Ciera Maher FYS 100*021 November 14‚ 2012 Abstract My literature review will cover the life of the Jersey Shore cast and the depictions of Italians from this reality show. I will include a back ground of the show and an analysis of the effects on the audience of the show. It will also include other television shows that introduce the same views on Italians. I hope to learn more about stereotypes and hope to share my knowledge with others. Information will

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  • New Jersey Bullying Law

    New Jersey Bullying Law Bullying occurs almost everywhere in the world. And there is no real solution to this global problem. In most places government puts laws against bullying‚ some stronger than the other. The bullying law in New Jersey is one of the toughest one. This law is called “Anti Bullying Bill of right”. This law is intended to eliminate loopholes in the state’s first anti-bullying law‚ which was created in 2002. New Jersey’s new Anti-Bullying law will require training for

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