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  • Economy

    An economy or economic system consists of the production‚ distribution or trade‚ and consumption of limited goods and services by different agents in a given geographical location. The economic agents can be individuals‚ businesses‚ organizations‚ or governments. Transactions occur when two parties agree to the value or price of the transacted good or service‚ commonly expressed in a certain currency. In the past‚ economic activity was theorized to be bounded by natural resources‚ labor‚ and capital

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  • the underground economy

    The underground economy consists of concealed legal economic activities undertaken to evade taxes or illegal economic activities (i.e.‚ trafficking‚ drugs‚ and prostitution) with unreported barter and cash transactions that take place outside recorded market channels. These types of barter and cash transactions are hard for government authorities to trace and are the lifeblood of the underground economy. These underground activities are often very productive and are not included in the gross domestic

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  • The world economy

    The world economy - a multi-level‚ the global economic system‚ combining the national economies of the world on the basis of the international division of labor through a system of international economic relation. There are global problems such as: - Preventing the threat of another world war‚ - Overcoming the ecological crisis and its effects‚ - Narrowing the gap in economic development between developed Western countries and developing countries of the "third world" . - Stabilization of the

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  • Transition Economy

    industrialization also brings up its own problems. Agricultural economy is fueled by farming. Farmers play an important role in any society because they feed people. Farming has been valued in almost every nation. Farmers has known to be the nation’s life and farmers were seen as an example of economic virtues such as hard work‚ self- sufficiency‚ initiative‚ pride and productivity. On the other hand‚ Industrial economy has been seen as the backbone and the strength of the nation. The

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  • Global Economies

    GLOBAL ECONOMIES  Global Economies: The New Paradigm of Trans-Global Industry and Commerce Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Degree of PhD in International Business and Program Management 1   Kelly Eugene Higgins  I.D.: UD17818BIN25641  Atlantic International University‚ Honolulu‚ HI  8 June 2013  GLOBAL ECONOMIES  Part 1 Reflection Despite the attempted global empires that have existed and flourished to greater or lesser extents throughout the history of human civilization‚ the

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  • economy of turkey

    Economy of Turkey About Turkey – Turkey is a vibrant amalgamation of two unique cultures‚ reflecting a diverse collection of ideas‚ beliefs and values. Crossing both European and Middle Eastern boundaries‚ Turkish society is patriotic and proud of its ancestry and achievements. The rapid modernisation of the country‚ combined with its traditional values‚ makes Turkey a fascinating market for foreign businesses but requires an understanding of its cultural design in order to secure your future

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  • Philippine Economy

    Philippines Economics Table of contents 1. General Information 2. Agrarian Economy 3. Industrial Economy 4. Services Industries 5. Conclusion 1. General information The Philippines are located in Southeast Asia in the Western Pacific Ocean. 7‚107 Islands are part of the republic. The islands are divided into three major groups: Luzon‚ Visayas‚ and Mindanao. The South China Sea defines its western borders and the Pacific Ocean its eastern limits. The country-

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  • Economy of Malaysia

    The Malaysian Economy in 2007 3 8 9 11 22 25 31 44 The International Economic Environment in 2007 Overview Domestic Demand Conditions Sectoral Review White Box: Development of a Vibrant and Sustainable Microfinance Industry Prices and Employment External Sector White Box: Development of Small and Medium Enterprises The Malaysian Economy in 2007 THE INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT IN 2007 Global growth was strong in 2007‚ driven by above-trend growth in most industrial economies and buoyant

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  • Hungary's Economy

    Assignment #1 An analysis of Hungary ’s Economy Abstract I analyzed three parts of Hungary ’s economy from 1994 to 2009: real GDP growth‚ unemployment rate‚ and inflation rate. Unemployment and inflation share a similar time trend‚ compared to real GDP growth which is almost exactly opposite. This shows the relationship between all of the variables. As unemployment and inflation were going down from 1994 to around 2001‚ real GDP was increasing and remaining steady at a high plateau. As GDP fell in

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  • economy of singapore

    Economy of Singapore Singapore is a highly developed trade-oriented market economy.[10][11] Singapore’s economy has been ranked as the most open in the world‚[12] least corrupt‚[13] most pro-business‚[14] with low tax rates (14.2% of Gross Domestic Product‚ GDP)[15] and has thethird highest per-capita GDP in the world; in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). Government-linked companies play a substantial role in Singapore’s economy‚ which are owned through the sovereign wealth fund Temasek Holdings

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