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    and for self‚ in pro per The FAC contained 11 causes of action against which I wrote 23 demurrers‚ which are stated below‚ with the judge’s rulings inserted in red. 19 demurrers were sustained (one of these was sustained with NO leave to amend‚ thereby eliminating the seventh cause of action for BPC § 17200). Four demurrers were overruled‚ but two of these were as to causes of action against which other demurrers were sustained. Only two causes of action survived intact (the tenth and eleventh)‚ and

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  • Case Study the Canadian National Bank

    complained formally by her subordinate—Pam Stewart to the "National Committee for Employee Concerns"(NCEC). She was wondering if there was any action to take to solve the problem. This situation was a breakout of their conflicts in a long period. The main two causes of the issues were Lesley’s leadership and Pam’s obstinacy. There were different kinds of actions that Lesley could take‚ and finally she should talk to her subordinate to analysis and understand the motivation and behavior of a difficult

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  • MGMT520

    points) Answer: In this case‚ radio station and disc jockeys (defendants) challenged the judgment of the Supreme Court of New York‚ which denied their motion to dismiss the plaintiff private individual complaint for failure to state a cause of action in her action alleging intentional infliction of emotional distress. According to the information provided in this case‚ the plaintiff private individual bridal photograph was published in a local newspaper along with those of other brides. The same

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  • Asian Construction and Development Corporation vs. Lourdes K. Mendoza: Case Study

    POLYFOAM CHEMICAL CORPORATION‚ Petitioner‚  vs. ELISA S. CHEN‚ Respondent. June 27‚ 2012 Facts: On January 19‚ 1993 petitioner Polyfoam Chemical Corporation filed a collection suit against respondent Elisa Chen before the Regional Trial Court (RTC) of Quezon City in Civil Case Q-93-14499.  Polyfoam sought in its complaint the payment of P929‚ 137.07 worth of foam products that it sold to Chen from April 1 to August 27‚ 1992. Chen claimed that the figure was wrong‚ citing a summary of her

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  • Duty of Care

    drug use conflicts/dilemmas e.g. attitudes‚ unsafe behaviour such as drug/alcohol abuse‚ truanting‚ staying out without permission‚ aggression and violence‚ bullying and intimidation‚ vandalism; individual’s rights e.g. respect for views and actions‚ safety and security‚ love and belonging‚ education‚

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  • Sexual Harassment Prevention

    harassment in any form‚ and such conduct will result in corrective action‚ up to and including dismissal. Sexual harassment is illegal and jeopardizes the work environment of tolerance‚ consideration‚ and mutual respect. The Home Company will take every step necessary to resolve complaints without delay. All appropriate personnel are prohibited from acts of retaliation against anyone who has complaints or is involved as witnesses in any action connected with the existing policy. The privacy of all involved

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  • Torts: Allegation and Large Law Firm

    to your supervising attorney. It will be 8-10 pages in length. You will follow the general formatting instructions and will use Bluebook citation format. In that memo‚ you will have conducted research and evaluated the case law to determine which causes

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  • Mendoza vs CA Digest

    the US. Luisa files a case for support. Cecilio files 1st motion to dismiss which is denied. Cecilio files answer with counterclaim challenging the validity of his marriage with Luisa. Cecilio files 2nd motion to dismiss on the ground of lack cause of action because it failed to allege that it complied with a condition precedent. Cecilio loses all the way up to CA. SC says that Cecilio’s contention is the general rule. However‚ the complaint is for future support and his counterclaim challenged their

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  • Memo Example

    POLICY OR PRECEDENT SUBJECT: Complaint Procedures 17 September 2010 POLICY # ORIGINATING SECTION ORIGINATOR PHONE 1-4-11 S-1/EO CPT Burns 798-6237 APPROVED BY: MICHAEL A. BALL‚ LTC SF‚ Commanding SYNOPSIS 1. PURPOSE: To provide command guidance on complaint procedures. 2. SCOPE: This policy applies to all service members assigned/attached to the 4th Battalion‚ 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne). 3

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  • Chapter III Interference With Moveable Property Trespass To Goods Detinue Conversion

    Law of Torts‚ MV Accident and Consumer Protection Laws II Interference with Goods TORTS RELATING TO MOVABLE PROPERTY o Torts affecting movable property are: §  Trespass to goods‚ §  Trespass ab initio‚ §  Detention or detinue‚ §  Conversion or trover. Copyright: Dr C J Rawandale‚ Associate Professor‚ SLS NOIDA 2013-14 2 a. TRESPASS TO GOODS o  Technically‚ trespass to goods is known as “trespass de bonis asportatis”. o  It means an unlawful disturbance of the possession of the goods by

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