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Memorandum of Oral Pleading Parties: Mr de Jong (Claimant) and Mini-Coza (Defendant) Date and time: Thursday 4th October 2012, 10:00hrs Judge: Mr. de Vries The Group: Pasi Lindqvist, Daan Bredenbeek, Nick Bruurmijn and Redmer van Berkum Overview of the Facts and the Compensation Sought On the 1st of January 2011 the claimant Mr. de Jong purchased a buggie through a German provider Mini-Coza, who operated in the Netherlands for €275. The buggie was to be used by the claimant’s over-one-year-old...

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Pleading and Michael Dell

Dell Computer Case Questions Please provide a detailed answer to each of the following six questions for the Dell Computer case. 1. What has made Dell Succeed to date? 2. What is Dell’s position in the industry to date? 3. An August 12, 2002 Business Week article, indicated that by 2007 Dell intended to double revenues to $60 billion. How should Dell go about building the nearly $6 billion annual sales growth needed to achieve that target? 4. What are the implications...

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Pleading and Emergency Life Situations

Rules sometimes need to be broken. Which view are you in closer argument with and why? Make it argumentative and discuss your view point only. Rules, rules rules. Every day, we live with rules. We follow rules, we break rules. And there’s a saying, “Rules are meant to be broken.” Agree? I just wonder what life is without rules. Everyone would be doing crimes all over the place. One day you might just wake up and see all your stuff in your house is gone. Report to the police? There are no rules...

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Marvin V. Marvin 1976 Case Brief

brought suit to enforce the oral agreement, claiming that she was entitled to half the property and to support payments. The trial court granted judgment on the pleadings for the defendant. Issue. Did the trial court err in granting defendant judgment on the pleadings? Held. The trial court erred in granting defendant judgment on the pleadings because the plaintiff’s complaint states a cause of action for breach of an express contract, and can be amended to state a cause of action independent of...

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Divorce Decree

consideration this 20th day of February, 2013. 9 The Defendant was served personally within the State of Massachusetts. 10 Plaintiff presented a verified complaint. 11 The Defendant has filed an answer or amended answer withdrawing any prior pleadings and neither admitting nor denying the allegations in the complaint and consenting to the entry of judgment. 12 The Court accepted oral proof of non-military status. 13 The Plaintiff’s address is 123 W. Golf Road, Boston, Massachusetts 12345...

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State of Confusion - Paper 1

here and will negatively affect the flow of trade in this state. Since statute is a burden on the commerce there is a chance that Tanya Trucker will win her case. There are six stages to ligation. These stages include; pre-lawsuit, pleadings stage, motions, discovery stage, pre-trial, and trial. Pre-lawsuit involves demand and pre-litigation negotiations. “When a dispute arises between two parties, one party will typically make an informal demand of the other party in which the principals...

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association -- Public policy As a general rule a man's right to possession of his own chattels will be enforced against one who, without any claim of right, is detaining them, or has converted them to his own use, even though it may appear from the pleadings, or in the course of the trial, that the chattels in question came into the defendant's possession by reason of an illegal contract between himself and the plaintiff, provided that the plaintiff does not seek, and is not forced, either to found his...

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A Good Man Is Hard To Find

there may have been moments of grace, the end result was inevitable. Because of the Misfit's age, real-world experience, and physical build and the arms he carries, he has a clear one- up in intelligence in this situation. The grandmother is just pleading for her survival at this point, while the Misfit is in control. He bears a weapon that determines life or death in these very moments. The Misfit has a clear strategy for execution of the doomed family. First the parents and children are killed in...

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Ouch! The Pain of Frivolous Lawsuits

the challenged paper, claim, defense, contention, or denial is withdrawn or appropriately corrected within 21 days after service or within another time the court sets, and authorizes the court to impose additional sanctions, including striking the pleadings, dismissing the suit, nonmonetary directives, or penalty payments if warranted for effective deterrence” (“H.R. 2655”, 2013). Additionally, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Virginia have recently taken action on civil litigation reform. “Oklahoma passed...

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The Stranger's Paradise

against him asking for damages in the amount of P25,000. The plaintiff corporation answered the counterclaim and opposed the petition for the inclusion of a third party litigant. Thereafter, plaintiff corporation filed a motion for judgment on the pleadings which petition was opposed by the defendants. Then, on October 9, 1952, the trial court rendered judgment whose dispositive part we reproduce below: EN VIRTUD DE TODO LO EXPUESTO, el Juzgado dicta sentencia de acuerdon con los escritos, condemnando...

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