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  • torts case digest

    [G.R. No. 117103. January 21‚ 1999] Spouses RENATO S. ONG and FRANCIA N. ONG‚ Petitioners‚ v. COURT OF APPEALS‚ INLAND TRAILWAYS‚ INC. and PHILTRANCO SERVICE ENTERPRISE‚ INC.‚Respondents. FACTS: Petitioners were paying passengers of Inland Bus (owned and operated by Inland Trailways under a Lease Agreement with Philtranco)‚ iIt was driven by Calvin Coronel. Around 3:50 a.m. on February 9‚ 1987‚ when the Inland bus slowed down to avoid a stalled cargo truck in Tiaong‚ Quezon‚ it was bumped from

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  • Civil & Criminal Procedure

    CIVIL Procedure The Code of Civil Procedure‚ 1908 in essence provides the sequential steps that a person desirous of filing suit in a civil court has to follow. 1.Filing Of Suit / Plaint 2.Vakalatnama 3.Court Fees 4.How Proceedings Are Conducted 5.Written Statement 6.Replication By Plaintiff 7.Filing Of Other Documents 8.Framing Of Issues/ List Of Witness 9.Final Hearing 10.Appeal‚ Reference And Review FILING OF SUIT / PLAINT: The plaint has to be filed within the time limit prescribed

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  • ching vs ca evidence case

    Republic of the Philippines SUPREME COURT Manila SECOND DIVISION   G.R. No. L-59731 January 11‚ 1990 ALFREDO CHING‚ petitioner‚ vs. THE HONORABLE COURT OF APPEALS & PEDRO ASEDILLO‚ respondents. Joaquin E. Chipeco & Lorenzo D. Fuggan for petitioners. Edgardo Salandanan for private respondent.   PARAS‚ J.: This is a petition for review on certiorari which seeks to nullify the decision of respondent Court of Appeals (penned by Hon. Rodolfo A. Nocon with the concurrence of Hon. Crisolito

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  • Ouch! The Pain of Frivolous Lawsuits

    Ouch! The Pain of Frivolous Lawsuits Rob Walters Colorado Technical University Author Note This paper was prepared for ENGL 101‚ CS13-02‚ taught by Penny Whitney on March 18‚ 2014. Abstract An abstract is a single paragraph‚ without indentation‚ that summarizes the key points of the manuscript in 150 to 250 words. The purpose of the abstract is to provide the reader with a brief overview of the paper. This template is based on 6thed of the Publication manual of the

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  • Sample Cases

    EVANGELISTA & CO v. ABAD SANTOS (G.R. No. 31684; June 28‚ 1973) FACTS: On October 9‚ 1954 a co-partnership was formed under the name of "Evangelista & Co." On June 7‚ 1955the Articles of Co-partnership was amended as to include herein respondent‚ Estrella Abad Santos‚ as industrial partner‚ with herein petitioners Domingo C. Evangelista‚ Jr.‚ Leonardo Atienza Abad Santos and Conchita P.Navarro‚ the original capitalist partners‚ remaining in that capacity‚ with a contribution of P17‚500

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  • A Good Man Is Hard To Find

    Sarah Setley Dual Enrollment Period 3 February 6‚ 2011 "A Good Man is Hard to Find" by Flannery O’ Connor While the concept of grace seems like the last theme in this story of murder and selfishness‚ it is actually represented quite frequently and as a big part of the story line. "A Good Man is hard to Find" focuses mainly on the personalities and traits of the two main characters‚ grandma and The Misfit. These two seem like complete opposites‚ which creates for a very intriguing comparison

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  • Landmark Trademark Case Judgement

    Bottom of Form Bombay High Court First Appeal No.1076/20 vs Aged 26 Years‚ Occ. : Business on 6 March‚ 2012 Bench: A. B. Chaudhari 1 fa1076.11.odt IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE AT BOMBAY NAGPUR BENCH‚ NAGPUR FIRST APPEAL NO.1076/2011 APPELLANT :- Dhiraj Dharamdas Dewani‚ Aged 26 years‚ Occ. : Business‚ Proprietor M/s Dewani Soft Inc. Office situated at 303‚ 3rd Floor‚ Panjwani Market‚ Teen Nal Chowk‚ Itwari‚ Nagpur. ...VERSUS... RESPONDENTS:- 1. M/s Sonal Info Systems Pvt. Ltd. through

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  • My Rhetorical Analysis: "Why Don't We Complain?"

    English 1010-03 September 19‚ 2011 My Rhetorical Analysis: “Why Don’t We Complain?” Is pleading the 5th really the best policy when confronted with a potentially awkward situation? The reasons why many Americans choose not to take advantage of their freedom of speech still remains a mystery. “Why Don’t We Complain?”‚ published in the 1960’s by William F. Buckley Jr.‚ an educated editor‚ writer and television host‚ is an attempt to persuade his audience that they are reluctant and hesitant about

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  • Kitty Genovese

    Golden Rule which urges us to “do unto others as we would have them do unto us” which is the basis to Immanuel Kant’s ethical reasoning. If the observer had taken the Golden Rule into mind while deciding how to act while this innocent young woman is pleading for help the result could have been a story of heroism instead of tragedy. In order for the Golden Rule to be successful in influencing our ethical behaviors one must place themselves in the situation they are witnessing‚ contemplate how one would

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  • Ui vs Bonifacio

    Republic of the Philippines
Manila SECOND DIVISION ADM. CASE No. 3319               June 8‚ 2000 LESLIE UI‚ complainant‚ 
ATTY. IRIS BONIFACIO‚ respondent. DE LEON‚ JR.‚ J.: Before us is an administrative complaint for disbarment against Atty. Iris Bonifacio for allegedly carrying on an immoral relationship with Carlos L. Ui‚ husband of complainant‚ Leslie Ui. The relevant facts are: On January 24‚ 1971 complainant Leslie Ui married Carlos L. Ui at the Our Lady

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