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  • unit 11 shc34

    UNIT NUMBER: - UNIT 11/SHC 34 UNIT TITLE: Principles for implementing duty of care in health‚ social care or children’s and young people’s settings 1.1 Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role? Duty of care is a legal obligation to act toward others with careful attention and reasonable caution to protect their wellbeing and prevent harm occurring. Safe practice: working in the ways that uphold laws and standards prevent harm and protect and promote the safety and wellbeing

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  • Justin King Answer

    IN AND FOR FORD COUNTY‚ ILLINOIS PAXTON MEDICAL CENTER AND ITS DOCTORS‚ SURGEONS AND NURSES Defendant VS. JUSTIN WILLIAM KING Plaintiff ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) Case No. 7417410 (05) Judge Stephen R. Pacey DEFENDANT ANSWER TO PLAINTIFF COMPLAINT COMES NOW‚ DEFENDANT‚ Paxon Hospital and for their complaint alleges as follows: 1. Plaintiff‚ for all times mentioned herein‚ was and is a resident of the

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  • Principles for Implementing Duty of Care in Health, Social Care of Children’s and Young People’s Settings

    1. Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role Within the school as a learning support assistant I have a duty of care to the children. I need to ensure that the children are in a safe environment and that they feel happy in that environment. 2. Explain how duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals I have a duty of care to report any concerns I have about a child‚ that may come from there home situation. This must be reported immediately

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  • Laws 310 Week 5 Simulation

    Laws 310 Week 5 Simulation 1. The case between Ms. Darcy Vs Big Car Company‚ I would have to agree 100% with what the Jugde decided to do. Based on the facts that were present‚ I would have ruled that this move onto trial in front of Jury of our peers as well. While Ms. Darcy was under the direct supervision of Clarence he was rude and forth coming with is attitude towards Ms. Darcy which was presented in lewd and harassing manner. With the many attempts that Ms. Darcy had towards Clarence

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  • What to do if there are suspicians of abuse

    2.1 and 2.2: What to do if there are suspicions or if someone alleges they are being abused Recognise Recognise the signs and symptoms or believe what you are told Respond Comfort - warm and caring Reassure the person that you believe them and that it is not their fault/they are in no way to blame Do not promise that you will keep it secret (may need to pass on to help them‚ important not to say one thing and do another) but only to people who need to know and will help Protect the individual

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  • rob ford

    Formal complaint filed about Mayor Rob Ford’s use of staff A Toronto man has filed a complaint against Mayor Rob Ford with the city’s integrity commissioner‚ alleging improper use of influence and city property. His complaints stem from allegations outlined in a police document released in court and in media reports. Ray Fredette‚ 62‚ filed his formal complaint to the Office of the Integrity Commissioner last week‚ claiming that Mr. Ford broke the council code of conduct by using city-paid staff

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  • Cfd Report

    | | Pilot Study on Infant Diet Participant Information Sheet 1) What is the study about? You are invited to participate in a study that aims to gather information from parents/guardians regarding the diet of their infants‚ aged 0-12 months. This includes the age at which solids where introduced‚ types of starting solids and sources of information parents/guardians used in order to make such a decision. 2) Who is carrying out the study?

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  • Elder Abuse

    Main Purpose of the study: the relationships among selected risk factors and elder mistreatment in assisted living facilities (ALFs) Use archived public data from Arizona to explore relationships among selected institutional and resident risk and situation specific factors and complaints and substantiated allegations of various types of mistreatment in assisted living facilities An exploratory/descriptive 2-group design was used. Facilities in the complaint group were identified from narrative

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  • Assignment 304

    Denise O’Brien - Assignment 304 Assignment Composition Assignment overview In this assignment you will consider how your duty of care can conflict with the rights of an individual and what you can do to manage any resultant risk. You will demonstrate an understanding of the complaint procedures and how best to respond to complaints. Tasks There are three tasks to this assignment. 1. Supervision notes 2. Reflective account 3. Guidance notes This is a summary of the evidence required for the unit

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  • Assignment 304

    Assignment 304 Task A - Supervision Notes A1. A duty of care effectively means that as a carer it is our job to always act in the best interests of those individuals that we provide care for. This not only includes treating them how they like to be treated but also protecting them from harm‚ even if that’s from themselves. As long as you are competent in the roles that you are being asked to perform it is the carers obligation to protect service users and remove them from harmful situations. A2

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