Legal Pleading

Topics: Marriage, Real estate, Property law, Property, Real property / Pages: 10 (2374 words) / Published: Mar 17th, 2013
ATTACHMENT TO STIPULATED JUDGMENT MARITAL SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT The parties enter into this Agreement and make it effective, as of the signing, of this instant Stipulated Judgment. The parties to this Agreement are , hereinafter referred to as "Husband", and , hereinafter referred to as "Wife." The parties voluntarily and mutually agree as follows: STATISTICAL INFORMATION. a. The parties were married on . b. There are no children of this marriage. c. Irreconcilable differences have arisen between the parties and these differences have led to an irremediable breakdown of their marriage. The parties have separated and have agreed to live free and apart from each other. They have not resumed their marital relationship since their separation. The parties were separated on , which is years and month(s) from the date of their marriage. There is presently on file in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Diego, Case Number , a proceeding for dissolution of marriage between the parties. The Petition was filed by Wife on . The Court acquired jurisdiction of Husband on . PURPOSE OF THIS AGREEMENT. The purpose of this Agreement is to settle the parties' rights and obligations pertaining to: Identification and confirmation of their respective separate assets and separate obligations; Identification and division of their community or coowned assets and community or joint obligations and; Spousal support; iv. Stipulations regarding Husbands deployment. SEPARATE LIVES AND PROPERTY.

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