Life in Mumbai

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Life in Mumbai may just be like the life in some other city, or your city from outside. It’s just the same different people living well almost together, struggling to find their way, striving to make life better. They do have the differences, negatives and ways. But living in this city makes you realise how not so similar it is to every place in this world. How so many people from different cultures, states and countries can call this one city their home?

On the world map Mumbai is nothing more than a small dot on the eastern side. It’s said to be even smaller than that, that it’s made of combined seven islands. And probably that’s where every resident gets one quality, unity, which may not seem significant, but its buried deep inside and nothing can reach there. Be it travelling in the same crowded local trains, sharing a flat with some strangers due to tight budgets or standing up together during terrorist attacks, people embrace this city and its residents.

For every person the day starts early, anywhere between 5:30am to 7:00am. They get ready or help others to get ready to leave for work, school, etc. students face immense pressure of studies and competition while professionals to build and enhance their career. Travelling is more than time consuming be it the traffic of vehicles on roads or people in local modes of transport. After a day’s struggle, for professional doing the work of one and a half man, the cities night atmosphere is what it is popular for. If time permits, everyone rushes to malls, beaches, seashores, theatres, restaurants and clubs. Life here is not very social for a common man due to work pressure but at this time it’s all about them, their fun and being with the people they like. In this city sleep is the first major sacrifice a person gives to achieve their dreams.

The cities essence lies in it the way lacks of people travel by local trains and during their journey make friends irrespective of the differences. About people...
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