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The Reserve

Governor (currently Duvvuri Subbarao), four Deputy Governors, two Finance Ministry representative, ten Government-nominated Directors to represent important elements from India's economy, and four Directors to represent Local Boards headquartered at Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and New Delhi. Each of these Local Boards consist of five members who represent regional interests, as well as the interests of co-operative and indigenous banks. History 1935–1950 The Reserve Bank of India was founded on 1 April...

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Service Area: MUMBAI (BOMBAY) THANE - INDIA Destination Service Area: SUZHOU & SURROUNDING AREA - SUZHOU & SURROUNDING AREA - CHINA, PEOPLES REPUBLIC Tuesday, August 19, 2014 Location Time 12 Arrived at Sort Facility HONG KONG HONG KONG HONG KONG - HONG KONG 12:29 11 Customs status updated HONG KONG - HONG KONG 08:21 10 Departed Facility in MUMBAI (BOMBAY) INDIA MUMBAI (BOMBAY) - INDIA 02:48 9 Processed at MUMBAI (BOMBAY) - INDIA MUMBAI (BOMBAY)...

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out of Mumbai. It is headquartered in Kandivali,Mumbai. Vijay Sales was started as a small TV showroom at Mahim by Nanu Gupta in 1967. It currently operates 52 stores across the states of Maharastra, Gujarat and Delhi.]and has more than 9,000 Products to choose and is located in prime location all over India and has 9 stores in Delhi, 1 store in Gurgaon,4 stores inAhmedabad,2 stores in Surat, 17 stores in Mumbai,4 stores in Thana,2 stores in Kalyan,2 store in vasai,4 stores in Navi Mumbai,7 store...

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Film and Communication

Thane district of Bombay. They have their own beliefs, life and customs which have nothing in common with Hinduism. CMCS is an independent centre of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, engaged in media teaching, production and research situated in Mumbai. The documentary starts with a wide angle shot of two gentle men sitting opposite to each other in a jungle. One who was named as Ahankar who is the Story Maker and second one the Kahankar who was the story taker. During that, the visuals slowly...

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physibility report

Coimbatore In India Davangere Jodhpur Dehradun Kanpur Delhi Kochi Dhanbad Kolhapur Dharwad Kolkata Durgapur Kozhikode Gulbarga Lucknow Gurgaon Ludhiana Guwahati Mangalore Gwalior Meerut Hyderabad Mumbai Indore Mysore Jabalpur Nagpur Jaipur Nasik Jammu Navi Mumbai Jamshedpur Noida Panaji Patna Pune Rajkot Raipur Ranchi Shimla Srinagar Surat Trivandrum Udaipur Vadodara Varanasi Visakhapatnam Note: AICTE reserves the right to change or cancel any test venue...

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Occupational Health Hazards Among Rag Pickers

almost 14% of the municipal budget annually. Mumbai generates waste of approximately 7,025 tonns per day. The management of waste in the city comes under the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). The prevailing approach is that of collection of garbage from the communities by the municipal authorities and disposing it off at the three main dumping sites that are currently servicing the city. Deonar is the largest dumping ground in Mumbai. It starts from the Deonar creek and ends at Baba...

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Nmims Asm-soc dharavi-no longer dharavi!! toc: 1)dump the slums 2)article on unmployement 3)previous years contributuion 4)how is it adding to traffic in Mumbai? 5)how is tourism affected? 1)Wow our country is popular for one thing-dharavi sums,the biggest in our continent.the negative impacts of slums outweights the positive.traffic,pollution and lfe sweating diseases are major ones.illiterate dump garbage...

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CSPD Resume

shahkinish7@gmail.com EDUCATION Bachelors in Financial Markets (BFM), Mithibai College, University of Mumbai June 2013 Masters In Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management, Fox School of Business, Temple University August 2014 - Present Thesis Completed: Third Party Products in Indian Banking Industry TRAININGS & INTERNSHIPS Business Developer, Electro Products, Mumbai May 2014 – June 2014 The company deals in Overhead Line Materials in the Power Distribution...

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erosion and threat of rising sea levels due to global warming. To control such assault of the sea on land, nature has provided mangroves, a tropical ecosystem which is more dynamic than the sea itself. Kandivali is one among many other such areas in Mumbai which faces the threats of destruction. Only awareness can help save these precious eco boundaries of nature.      According to local residents and environmentalists, the long stretch of mangroves in Charkop has been allegedly set on fire many a...

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Pantaloon Retail India Ltd

cheaper rate. Commenting on this, Biyani said, "We are not in the business of selling ambience, but in the business of giving the best possible deals to our consumers."... Food BazaarsThe first Food Bazaar was set up in Lower Parel in suburban Mumbai in 2001. Food Bazaars represent PRIL's foray into yet another value retailing business, focusing on food and grocery products. These stores were designed based on PRIL's understanding of the emotional and rational needs of Indian housewives......

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