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Essay on Mumbai
Aamchi mumbai is the popular lingo in the local language which is used by the mumbaikars while reffering to their hometown, Mumbai. I too am filled with pride to refer to this sumptous city as my birthplace. Ancient yet modern, fabulously rich yetachingly poor, Mumbai is India in microcosm. everyday nearly half of the city's population commutes from far flung suburbs to downtown offices, banks, factories, mills etc for a living. Nearly 13 million people including weathy industrialists, flashy film stars , clerks, teachers etc all live together in peace and harmony like a woven cloth. Mumbai is a city worth touring atlest once. It comprises of many heritage sites as well as new ones. The area known as Kalaghoda is famous for the various art galleries and exhibitions of valuables fron the olden day. The gatewayof india, too is a sight as it welcomes the people coming to mumbai by sea. It gives them a =ray of hope for changing their lives for the better. Opposite the gatway is the prestigious hotel of Taj which is the oldest and the best example of the British architecture. In recent times,the Hiranandani Complex is an example to the planning of towns in Mumbai. There are various theaters, planetoriums, science centres in the city that are worth visiting. Mumbai is also the home of the second largest film industry, BOLLYWOOD. Meeting bollywood stars often is an attraction for the people coming from different places. In mumbai there are various sounds for refreshing the ear. In traffic jams, you have the irritating honking of the carhorns . You also have the priviledge of enjoying the melodious song, tunes etc in the many language spoken in Mumbai. The streets are never lonely to go on alone. 24 hours a day there are people roaming on the roaand enjoying their lives. Mumbai is also and example of the use of technology.

Thus we can conclude the Mumbai is a place worth visitiong at least once. As for me, the very though of leaving this city send

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