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2008 Singles

Being married or single both have good intention. But, any and everything has its bad way. For example, if you are married you will always have someone to go to but, if you did anything they didn’t like your man/women will bitch at you all day. Another example, if you are single if you are sick one down and you need someone to help you they cant because you don’t have a loved one at the house to take care of you when you are down. Being single can be great but can be awful at some time. a good...

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Liberty Bank: A Fictional Narrative

questions were fairly easy and straightforward, until she inquired how I wanted to claim my taxes. I felt a bead of sweat form on my upper lip, because I had no clue what she was talking about. I started to redden, and she could tell. “I’ll just put single, okay?” She questioned. “ Yeah, that will work,” I responded. The paperwork was done and I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I thought I was finally done with the hard part of the day, but I was wrong. They started me out by familiarizing...

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Everyday Is A Hey Day Analysis

Lord of it for survival free from the fittest Any man is an analyst of a speech of a catalyst to succeed in the after this Pupils, man I’m saying learn to learn from the ever learning Forever weak strategies of a thousand men, milestone overcome by a single servant My ghetto retrospect Melly Mel with the elements In the passage of the infidel narrowed by enemies in entities, is a beautiful day of family lessons in Jill Scott kind of poetry Pay dues with a mastership lip services of a wisdom methodist...

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Halloween Horror Nights-Personal Narrative

yes to her shenanigans. “How are you staying overnight, you have work in the morning?” “We have work just no kids, teacher work day.” “Whatever, I’ll think about it Amanda.” I think to myself honestly how much fun can a bunch of thirty-year-old single teachers be? Later, I decide to tell my sister I would go, honestly not wanting to fight with her. Getting dressed quickly, I put on my black skull shirt with, puling black skinny capris on. Slipping on my dirty pair of Toms, my straight blonde hair...

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American Football and Hard Work

someone who is 270 pounds and five percent body fat and only 19 years old and could go anywhere to play football. He went to a big ten college, Michigan. Now Elwood Reid was a man of hard work and discipline and would never give up. He worked hard ever single play from whistle to whistle. Even when he was in server pain he would never give up because he didn’t want to be called a quitter. Now there were two parts to Reid, one part of him wanted to belong or fit in with the team or be one of the “fellas”...

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Descriptive Writing Pool

means we're gonna scrimmage. Anticipation builds as coach passes out the caps. I get handed a white cap, I look around, pleased with who's on my team. We separate to our sides of the pool and wait for coach to toss the ball. The pool erupts as every single person explodes towards the ball. White has the ball. We quickly swim to position, adrenaline masking my exhaustion. Man on man we tread water. The ball gets passed around before its thrown towards me, I catch it and am soon attacked by my opponent...

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A Double Mastectomy: A Short Story

one day at a time. They didn’t really live like she was going to die.” During her mother’s visitation, Stockett received a call that Mrs. Howell’s wig was ready to be picked up. It was ready just a little too late. She passed away Mother’s Day of 2008 at age 64. “She was the quintessential mother,” Stocket said. “This year my youngest graduated high school, and I told him that Granny said the thing she was going to miss was seeing (her grandchildren) graduate. He said, ‘She’ll be there, Mama. She’s...

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Fish Essay

The whole premise of the book “Fish” is that work is what you make of it, and depending on your willingness to make it, you can enjoy yourself no matter what. All it takes is choosing your attitude and living in the moment. Mary Jane was a widow, single mother of two kids. She was promoted to a position on the infamous third floor that so many of the other employees enjoy making fun of so much. Can you imagine being promoted to a higher paying managerial position and not being thrilled? That tells...

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Personal Narrative: Volunteering At Sunny Days Camp

take care of the situation for me. This experience tested my negotiation skills allowing me to step out of my comfort zone and think on my feet. As I ended my job working at Sunny Days Camp I could not help but think about how far I had come over a single summer. ...

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New Country Challenges

The challenge of a new country People say life is all about facing new challenges. In 2008 my life changed for good when I moved to the United States from the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic means so much to me. It’s a part of my life, my identity and my race. For me it was the hardest challenge I had to face in my life. I couldn’t believe how that one flight meant so much for my family and I. I was so young coming with my two sisters and my father, leaving my mother and most of my family...

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