The Giver


Discussion Questions

1.     Throughout the novel, Lowry presents complex issues that all children will face as they become adults: sexuality, individuality, and politics, to name a few. However, Lowry’s interpretations of these events have often caused the novel to be banned in schools and communities. Why do you think that The Giver is so often a banned book? How can the issues presented in The Giver be helpful to children who are on the brink of adulthood?

2.     The Giver presents its story exclusively through Jonas’ point of view. How do you think the novel would differ if we learned the story through Jonas’ father’s point of view? The Giver’s point of view? Rosemary’s point of view?

3.     Lowry very rarely uses flowery language or metaphorical devices. However, when she does, it is very poignant and powerful. How do you think her writing style has attracted both children and adults to the novel? How would “purple prose” have lessened the impact of the novel? 

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