The Giver


Chapters 21 to 23

Summary: Chapters 21-23

Jonas’ plan to escape goes awry right away. At his evening meal, Jonas’ family informs him that Gabriel cried through the entire night at The Nurturing Center. Because of his behavior, Jonas’ father and the rest of the staff decided to Release him the following day. Jonas does not want this to happen, so he steals some food and a bike that belongs to his father. He steals his father’s bike because it has a seat for a child, and Jonas takes Gabriel with him. Instead of using the memories of The Giver, Jonas relies on his own initiative and strength.

By leaving, stealing food, and taking Gabriel, Jonas has broken many of the community’s rules. Soon, planes come to find Jonas and Gabriel. Jonas and Gabriel ride the bike all night and rest during the day so that the planes cannot find them. Jonas gives Gabriel memories of tiredness and exhaustion so that the baby will sleep. So that they can counteract the heat-seeking technology of the planes, Jonas gives Gabriel memories of cold so that their body heat is not discovered by the planes. They ride for several days, and finally, the planes begin to disappear.

As they ride, the landscape shifts. They experience bumpy land, which makes Jonas tumble and twist his ankle. Despite the setback, Jonas is happy to witness wildlife and waterfalls, which he has never physically seen before this moment. However, Jonas worries that Gabriel has not had enough food. Jonas is able to catch some fish and find some berries. Jonas considers that if they would have stayed, they would have had plenty of food. Jonas now realizes that he has chosen to starve. On the other hand, by leaving, Jonas has given himself and Gabriel the ability to feel and to experience new things. If they had stayed, Gabriel most certainly would have died. The weather gets colder, and Jonas gets hungrier. He survives by telling himself that Elsewhere is surely close.

It begins to snow, and Jonas can no longer ride his bike. However, there is a hill ahead of them. Jonas can...

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