The Giver


Chapters 17 and 18

Summary: Chapters 17 and 18

Four weeks pass. The community declares an unscheduled holiday. Because he has stopped taking his morning pill, Jonas’ Stirrings have reappeared. He has dreams that give him pleasure, but they also make him feel guilty. However, Jonas decides that the guilt is worth the emotion that the Stirrings bring him. Jonas begins to understand that the “normal” feelings of happiness, anger, and sadness cannot compare to the heightened feelings that he experiences through his memories.

During the holiday, Jonas’ friends want him to play a game of good guys versus bad guys. Jonas decides not to participate because he realizes that it is making a game out of war. He sees the game as a ridicule of a harsh reality, but his friends do not understand. Jonas leaves them and returns home to Gabriel. Gabriel has been developing and can now say his own name and walk.

Jonas’ father discusses the Release of the identical twin; the twins will be born the very next day, and a decision must be made. Jonas’ father tells him that he will select the newchild with the lowest birth weight, and that child will be Released to Elsewhere. Jonas asks his father if he will personally escort the Released child to Elsewhere. Jonas’ father tells him that he will not; instead, he will perform the Ceremony of Release and simply wave good-bye. Someone from Elsewhere will come to receive the child. Lily wonders if it is possible for the identical twins to grow up with the same name.

During his time with The Giver, Jonas asks him if he wonders about his Release. The Giver says that he does, especially when he is in pain, but that he cannot apply to be Released until he completely trains Jonas. Jonas is forbidden to ask for Release because of the problems with the Receiver ten years ago. The Giver finally begins to tell Jonas what happened ten years ago. The Released Receiver was smart and eager; she went by the name Rosemary. The Giver tells Jonas that he felt love for Rosemary, and he now feels...

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