The Giver


The Giver

The Giver— The Giver allows readers to see what would happen to Jonas if he chose to stay in the community and be The Receiver. The Giver has infinite wisdom, but the memories that he holds have taken a toll on his body and his mind. The Giver appears much older than he actually is, and he has learned to react with stoicism to even the most horrific events. However, as he trains Jonas, The Giver becomes more humanized than the rest of the community. Readers learn that The Giver wants the best for Jonas and even Gabriel. Though the biggest part of his life is behind him, The Giver strives to help Jonas escape the strict community and learn to love. Despite his age and the hardships he has endured because of the memories he holds, The Giver sees that he can help Jonas break free from becoming burdened by pain and hardship.

            The Giver’s love for Rosemary also pushes him to help Jonas. Despite his ability to be stoic, speaking about Rosemary shows readers a tender side of The Giver that did not exist before. Understanding the relationship that Jonas and The Giver has depends on the realization that this is The Giver’s second chance to do the right thing. Although The Giver had to say good-bye to both Rosemary and Jonas, his good-bye to Jonas is filled with hope and not despair. The Giver comes to represent the power of second chances and doing the right thing despite any odds that may threaten the potential for happiness. 

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