The Giver


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1. What is the name of Jonas’ sister?

a. She has not yet been named

b. Lily

c. Marie

d. Jill

2. What Assignment does Jonas’ father have?

a. Nurturer

b. Receiver

c. Birth Father

d. Retired Giver

3. What is different about Jonas’ physical appearance?

a. He is shorter than most

b. He has blue eyes

c. He is very muscular

d. He has red hair

4. What does Jonas’ mother call his feelings for Fiona?

a. Natural Attraction

b. Love

c. Perfect Feelings

d. Stirrings

5. What is NOT one of the jobs that a Receiver has?

a. Experience memories

b. Create memories

c. Share memories with new Receivers

d. Hold memories

6. Whom does Jonas find himself attracted to the in novel?

a. Fiona

b. Rosemary

c. No one

d. Lorna

7. What has Jonas not experienced until the close of the novel?

a. War

b. Stirrings

c. Music

d. Snow

8. In actuality, what is a Release?

a. The ability to leave the community freely

b. Murder

c. Sleeping for a long period of time

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