The Giver


Cast of Characters

Jonas— Jonas is the young protagonist of The Giver. He has a mother, a father, and a sister named Lily. Jonas is different than the other people in his strict community. He has incredible powers of perception; often, objects seem to change right in front of his eyes. Jonas is assigned to become the Receiver of Memory. Once he begins training with The Giver, who is the current Receiver of Memory, Jonas becomes aware of a world outside of his community that has color, love, and individuality. However, the memories also show Jonas the hurt, pain, and sorrow that the world outside of the community experiences.


The Giver— The Giver is an elderly man who is the current Receiver of Memories. He bears the burden of all the memories of the community, and he acts as an advisor to the Committee of Elders. The memories of sorrow and difficult times have begun to burden The Giver; he expresses to Jonas that he has become tired. Transmitting his memories to Jonas will be his final duty as The Receiver of Memory.


Jonas’ Father— Jonas’ father is sweet and kind, especially to his two children. He works as a Nurturer in the community. He sincerely attempts to keep newchildren alive and thriving until the Ceremony of Names. Unfortunately, he knows that if a newchild does not thrive, he must Release the newchild to Elsewhere. He enjoys playing with both his own children and the newchildren of the community.


Jonas’ Mother— Jonas’ mother works at the Department of Justice in the community. She is strict but practical. She desires to help others see why they should not break the rules in the community. When Jonas has worries or fears about becoming an adult, his mother always helps him by giving him advice.


Lily— Lily is Jonas’ seven-year-old sister. She talks frequently but seems to be very intelligent and aware of her surroundings.


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