The Giver


Jonas' Father

Jonas’ Father— Jonas’ father is a complex, multifaceted character. Although he professes that love is meaningless and impossible to define, he seems to exhibit love and tenderness toward Jonas and the newchildren whom he helps to raise in the Nurturing Center. In the character of Jonas’ father, Lowry flips typical gender roles. Though one might expect that women would be Nurturers and help newchildren to grow, Jonas’ father takes on the role with comfort and ease.

            Despite his ability to care for his own children and the newchildren, Jonas’ father also makes the difficult decision to Release the newchildren who are not thriving. He seems to be able to prevent himself from growing attached to newchildren. In this way, Jonas’ father fits with the rest of the community. However, his nurturing qualities make him seem less suited for the Sameness that reigns throughout the community. 

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