The Giver


Chapters 14 to 16

Summary: Chapters 14-16

The Giver grants Jonas another memory of a sled ride; however, in this memory the sled flies out of control. Jonas receives the memory of a broken leg. He feels the pain, and he also feels nausea. The pain continues, but the Giver does not grant Jonas any relief. Jonas must limp home. At home, Jonas wishes to share the memory of the broken leg with his family, but he cannot. Therefore, he feels very lonely and isolated. As the days continue, the Giver grants Jonas more memories of pain. To lessen the tension, the Giver always ends the day with a pleasurable memory. When Jonas questions why he must receive the painful memories, The Giver tells him that the horrible memories will make him wise. The Giver provides the example of the time when the community wanted to increase the number of children allowed to each family. The Giver was able to experience the memory of hunger caused by overpopulation. When Jonas questions why the entire community cannot experience these memories, the Giver tells him that the community could not withstand the burden; this is why the position of Receiver is honored within the community. Jonas expresses his desire to change the community, but The Giver reminds him that change is very difficult in a community like this.

As Jonas experiences his training, the newchild Gabriel continues to live with Jonas’ family. Gabriel is developing, but he has trouble sleeping through the night. Jonas’ father worries that they will have to release Gabriel. However, a woman in the community is pregnant with twin boys, and if identical, one will have to be released. This worries Jonas; he wonders what happens to those who are released into Elsewhere. He requests that Gabriel sleep in his room so that he can share in the responsibilities of caring for a newchild. When Gabriel cries, Jonas calms him by touching his back and transmitting a peaceful memory of a sail on a lake. However, Jonas realizes that he is transmitting memories to Gabriel as The Giver has transmitted memories to him. Jonas stops the...

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