The Giver


Chapters 19 and 20

Summary: Chapters 19 and 20

Jonas remains curious about the Release process, especially because his father just Released one of the identical newchildren. The Giver tells Jonas that he wishes newchildren would never be Released. The Giver informs Jonas that because he is the Receiver, he has access to watch a Release. All private ceremonies are recorded, so if he wants, Jonas can watch the Release of the identical newchild that took place that morning. Jonas wants to watch it, so he does. He sees his father weigh the twins, and then Jonas’ father injects the smaller one in the head. The smaller newchild makes a tiny twitch and falls still. Jonas then realizes that the newchild is now dead. Jonas’ father tosses the baby down a garbage chute and waves good-bye. The Giver tells Jonas about watching the recording of Rosemary’s release. The Giver tells Jonas that Rosemary chose to inject herself.

Jonas is horrified when he realizes that a Release is actually death. Jonas cries and does not want to return to his family, especially because his father lied to him about what would happen to the smallest newchild. He is also shocked to realize that Fiona must kill the Old people of the community when they are Released. Jonas spends the night with The Giver. The Giver attempts to explain to Jonas that others in the community do not feel the same way that The Giver and Jonas feel.

Jonas and The Giver devise a drastic plan. The Giver will help Jonas escape from the community, and he will leave all the memories for the community to experience. Jonas wants The Giver to accompany him, but he explains to Jonas that he cannot. If both of them leave, the community will descend into chaos. The Giver tells Jonas that he would be too weak for the journey; unfortunately, The Giver does not even have the strength to see colors any longer. The Giver tells Jonas about hearing music; at this point, Jonas has never heard music because The Giver has not shared the memory of music with him.

Two weeks pass by. The Giver grants Jonas the...

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