Managrial Improvements

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Managerial Improvements at ServeNowImproving Managerial Techniques through technology Louis O. Rollins
Business 501: Business Communications
Dr. Howard Fero
The problem we face in this hyper-active world is how to control and mentor someone at the same time while embarking on new market strategies that will improve sales and production. We will look at this problem of hiring new managers that have no understanding of how the company ServeNow functions and the techniques on how to train them on store procedures and strategy. We will look at techniques to mentor the managers over long distances without traveling, examine the assistant managers’ training and techniques to assist the new managers in the transition further train them for future opportunities. We will look at the use of email and technological tools that are available to the manager for training and mentoring of his managerial force both store managers and assistant managers during this process. We understand that if this problem isn’t addressed and solved that the existing stores will start to lose focus on what the overall manager has planned for the corporation. The corporation could possibly lose its foothold in the smaller towns to the larger stores who have a possibly better trained managerial force. No sales equal stores closing and could eventually lead to the demise of ServeNow in the supermarket business.

Training the new mangers
First we already know that we have to hire all new managers for the existing stores the assistant managers won’t be able to move up into the manager slots. How do we train the new managers? We already know that we don’t have time to go all the stores and stay on site for large amounts of time. One of the first options that we have is online training for the managers. The training will have to be vetted, approved and administered by the chain manager to each store manager. Let’s look at the stages of planning our managerial writing/...

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