PT1420 Lab

Topics: Serial port, Universal Serial Bus, VGA connector, Personal computer, Input device / Pages: 2 (409 words) / Published: Feb 21st, 2014
. A port expander is a hardware device designed to allow a user to utilize more than one device on a single port at one time. There are two basic forms of port expanders: internal and external. An internal expander has a connection inside the computer and the only part that is visible to the user is the expansion plate containing multiple ports. An external device plugs into the existing port and then has multiple places to connect. Expanders are made for nearly every type of port, but the most common household versions are for universal serial bus(USB) and Ethernet ports.(What Is a Port Expander?, 2013) The types of ports available on the expander hardware are:
Ethernet Port Expander Hardware
FireWire Port Expander Hardware
DB-25 Port Expander
Serial Port Expander Hardware
USB Port Expander Hardware
VGA Port Expander Hardware
DVI Port Expander Hardware
SCSI Port Expander Hardware
Audio Port Expander Hardware
Video Port Expander Hardware
Microphone Port Expander Hardware
RS-422 Port Expander Hardware
Modbus Serial Port Hardware
SATA Port Expander Hardware
SAS Port Expander Hardware
SSD Port Expander Hardware(What Is a Port Expander?, 2013)

No, in general, port expanders are not computer specific. There are no specific types of ports for different computers. The generic devices will work on most PC based or if it’s purchased for Apple then the generic devices will work on most Apple based.(What Is a Port Expander?, 2013)
An important advantage of using a port expander is that the user can get more connections on a single port. This allows more devices of a particular port type to be utilized at the same time. An important disadvantage is that the user must consider that the more devices that are plugged in the less throughput bandwidth that port can use. For example if there is a 4Gbps port, with a port expander installed that can support up to six devices, that 4Gbps has to be divided among all the devices that are plugged in. Also, most

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