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Personal Computer

PC VS. Console HUM/172 PC VS. Console Personal Computers are much more advanced than any console available on the market today or any other day. In the PC world players reap many more benefits in online and offline gaming. These benefits keep growing in numbers as developers of the consoles continue to argue between themselves about who provides the better support or who offers more games at better quality. Actually...

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The personal computer industry in the mid 2000s

 The personal computer industry in the mid 2000s, entered a phase of slow development which impacted the companies in the industry including Intel. Intel at that point in time understood that if they have to survive and grow further then the company needs to innovate and do things differently. So Intel invested on creating around $2 billion on marketing campaign applicable globally. The company wanted to re-position the company so it chose to change the familiar tagline “Intel inside” and hereby...

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A Brief History of Personal Computers

A Brief History of Personal Computers The electronic computer is a relatively modern invention; the first fully operable computer was developed about 50 years ago, at the end of World War II, by a team at the University of Pennsylvania's Moore School of Engineering. This team was headed by John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert, who named the new machine ENIAC, for Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator. ENIAC was hardly a personal computer, occupying a large room and weighing about 33 tons...

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Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Jay's Personal Strengths and Weaknesses Jay Rhee University of Phoenix Jay's Personal Strengths and Weaknesses There are a number of strengths which I possess that contribute positively in my work environment, in my personal life, and in my Learning Team. There are also a number of weaknesses which need improvement. The strengths are excellent memorization skill, ability to understand computers, anger management, and physical strength. The weaknesses are organization, time management, procrastination...

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computer application

Computer Applications focuses on word processing speed and accuracy, skill in the use of database and spreadsheet applications, and the integration of all of these. Contestants will have the opportunity to produce two printouts and the mandatory tie breaker. Each printout will be assigned a weighted point value, based on difficulty, which will be so indicated on the contest paper. This is a technology based contest, and the goal is for students to have a thorough, working knowledge of these three...

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A Timeline of the Personal Computer

a world today, run almost entirely through technology, it is hard to imagine a time without the personal computer. In fact today’s generation grew up alongside modern technology, never knowing a world without laptops or the internet or smartphones. In order to fully appreciate the modern technology available to us every day, it is important to first gain knowledge of the history of personal computers and the long journey it’s taken in order to reach the height of technology the world operates on...

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Recommending a Computer System

m Recommending a computer system By Mark Woods Contents Page Page 1: Title Page Page 2: Contents Page Page 3: Introduction Computer Systems Page 4: Computer Systems Cont. Page 5: Specification Comparison Table Internet and e-mail Conclusion 2 Introduction This is a report written for Sharon Woods. Sharon is a self-employed beautician...

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Feasibility Report on Dell Computers

Feasibility study By Paul Flynn For Dell Computers [pic] 1. Executive summary: This feasibility report aims to outline issues associated with feasibility regarding the proposed re branding of dell computers and the initiation of future designs. This involves questions such as whether the firm can afford to implement the system, whether the costs out way the benefits, and whether the proposal will fulfill the criteria of the proposal. The report will also contain a needs analysis that...

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Supply and Demand: Buying a Computer

Buying a new computer is no easy task. Finding one with the right specifications at the right price requires shopping around for a good price, research on the different computers available, and evaluating if the decision is necessary and financially sound. In doing each of these things, we are using several Principles of Economics and studying the effects of supply and demand on different brands. For the purposes of this paper, we will look at things as if we are buying an HP laptop. When you...

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What Are the Disadvantages of Computer Addiction?

discussing options for computer addiction treatment, one point regarding addiction to the computer needs to be made : Computer addiction is not an official psychiatric diagnosis. Despite a growing movement to have obsessive computer and internet use included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), so far this has not happened. In relative terms when disadvantages of computer addiction compared to other addictions such as alcoholism and drug addiction, computer addiction is a...

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Typewriter vs. Computer

"Typewriter Vs Computer" If a student is ever put into a position where they have to select between an old fashion typewriter and a modern computer to write their essays for there professors at California State University, Fresno. The student will most likely select a modern computer instead of using an old fashion typewriter because the advantages of using a computer are far superior than those of a typewriter. While the value of a computer is more useful than those of the typewriter in a...

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Personal Computer and Michael Dell

No. | 1.1 | Dell Computer Corporation : An Example of Free Enterprise | 03 - 08 | 2.2 | Esprit is No Longer ‘Little Utopia’ | 09 - 15 | CASE 1.1 DELL COMPUTER CORPORATION AN EXAMPLE OF FREE ENTERPRISE Questions for Discussion * Question 1: How does an entrepreneur like Michael Dell view profit? From the point of view of an economist or from a business perspective? Explain. Answer: Dell Computer Corporation is the...

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Strategic Formulation for Dell's Computer

Strategic Plan Overview – Dell Computer Corporation The advent of Dell Computer Corporation (DCC) in 1984 brought another milestone into already existing computer technological arena. Since its inception, DCC has used innovative marketing strategies to move the computer market to a different level and today DCC ranks among the world's largest computer systems companies. Dell pioneered the culture of selling personal computers directly to the customers without the involvement of the middleman. ...

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Introduction to Computers

Peter Norton’s Introduction to Computers, 6e End of Chapter Solutions Chapter 3 Chapter 3; Lesson A Solutions Key Term Quiz 1. In computer use, the skill of typing is often referred to as _________________. 2. IBM-compatible PCs have 10 or 12 _________________ keys. 3. In many programs, an on-screen symbol called a(n) __________________ or a(n) _________________ shows you where you are in a document. 4. A(n) _________________ is a temporary storage area that holds data until the CPU is...

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Apple Computer Inc

Apple Computer Inc Apple Computer, Inc. is a well-known designer and retailer of computer hardware, software and electronic entertainment devices. Apple began as a small personal computer manufacturing firm in 1976 with a vision to build computers that could be purchased by anyone. The company has now grown into one of the most powerful technology companies in existence. The path that led to the creation of a brand like Apple is a true testament to the level of innovation and the cultivation of...

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My Ideal Computer

Introduction My dream computer would have the ability to store all of my DVDs and music. I would also need to play them back, both on my computer and on my HDTV. My ideal computer would allow my family to play all the latest video games and use all the current and future software. My ideal computer would need to have plenty of memory for video games and hard drive space for storing my movies and music. The computer would also need to have an output for my big screen HDTV and with a surround sound...

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Apple Computer, Inc.: People and Design Create Apple’s Future

CASE 1 APPLE COMPUTER, INC.: PEOPLE AND DESIGN CREATE APPLE’S FUTURE Apple Computer paradoxically exists as both one of America’s greatest successes and one of its greatest failures to achieve potential. It ignited the personal computer industry in the 1970’s (1), bringing such behemoths as IBM and Digital Equipment almost to their knees. At the same time, Apple is an example of opportunities lost. It represents a fascinating microcosm of American business as it continues to utilize its strengths...

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Personal Devices in School

much controversy regarding students use of personal laptops at school. I do believe, however, that those who choose to take advantage of personal laptops responsibly can really increase their potential in school. They can achieve higher grades, become more organized, and carry less in their school bags. Personal laptops are an efficient way to increase the work ethic of many and adapt to modern technology. Although there may be disadvantages to having personal laptops, these problems can be easily solved...

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Computer Hardware

same speed? The reason that all the buses don’t operate at the same speed on a motherboard is because some devices on the board are slower than others and don’t require or can’t support the same bus speed. 3.) When you turn off the power to a computer at night, it loses the date, and you must reenter it each morning. What is the problem and how do you solve it? The problem is that the battery that runs the internal clock is no good. You either have to replace the battery or buy a new motherboard...

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Application Letter: Job Advert for a Personal Assistant

JOB ADVERT FOR A PERSONAL ASSISTANT Job title: Personal Assistant Closing date : 28 February 2013 A personal assistant is required in the Penang area to help a disabled person with personal and domestic care. Experience is preferred although not essential. Candidates must have good communication skills, be flexible and have a positive attitude. You may require a Criminal Records Bureau check. The job is dependant on suitable references. You will be working 5 and a half days per...

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Introduction and Perceptual Mapping on Dell Computer

improving performance quality at least same as IBM. Compared with Hp, the difference is too far which means the capability is indeed totally different so it will be too difficult to be pursued and it sounds unbalanced competition. Source: IBM's personal computer business is taken over by Chinese electronics giant Lenovo, while IBM itself focuses more and more on selling its information technology expertise to corporations. Competitors (out of the 2 key attributes): HP because both strategic emphasis...

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Industry Analysis: Apple Computers

Industry Análisis: Apple Computer 1. Analyzing the computer industry from 1995 to 2005 seemed to be like analyzing a game of chest between the major competitors. The development is noticeable and the shaping of different corporate strategies could be sensed easily thanks to the different approaches toward the movement of the industry that the companies had; some of them shaped it, some followed it and some helped it grow. In order for us to analyze the computer industry during the up said time...

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Market Opportunity of Laptop Computer

Market Opportunity of Laptop Computer (Consider on Laptop Brand) Introduction Now a day the IT sector is very competitive sector in Bangladesh. Technologies are upgrading day by day as a result IT products are smaller and cheaper. Recently the demand of laptop computers’ is increasing. We try to find out the Market opportunity of laptop computer (consider on laptop brand and market segment on University students). Research Topic  Market opportunity of laptop computer (consider on laptop brand)...

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Personal Technologies affect on modern day life

 Personal technologies effect on modern day life Technology has had a major impact on modern day life. Everyone uses personal technology whether they realize it or not. Personal technologies include cell phones, laptops, and iPads. Personal technology has disconnected, driven, and assisted people in everyday life. Without actually watching for your use of personal technology you will not fully understand how it affects your everyday life. Sometimes putting the personal technology devices down...

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Personal Computer and St. Thomas Aquinas

III. HYPOTHESIS The researchers suggests that students should have less time in using their gadgets, especially their cellular phones, iPods, PSPs, Laptops, and their own personal computers. Why the researchers included personal computers? Because most of the time, students nowadays use their personal computers for gaming and entertainment purposes. The researchers formulated this as a possible solution because if the students lessen their time on their gadgets, then they will have more time...

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Computer Controlled Car

Tribhuvan University Institute Of Engineering Kathmandu Engineering College Kalimati, Kathmandu Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering PROPOSAL FOR COMPUTER CONTROLLED MODEL CAR Submitted By: Abhishek Koirala(67003) Adarsh Bhattarai(67005) Amrit Khatiwada(67008) Bijay Dulal(67025) Submitted To: Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Thursday Jan 10, 2013 ABSTRACT Autonomous and semiautonomous robots have made their impact felt in industry...

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Dell Computers report

accordingly. Michael Dell the founder and Manager of Dell computers perfectly shows all of these skills. Dell computers are a multinational computer trading company that was first established back in 1984. Dell develops, sells, repairs and supports computers and their related products and services (Dell, 2013). Michael S. Dell the creator of this business used his impressive entrepreneurial skills along with his fascination with computers to establish and uphold this internationally acclaimed business...

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The Effects of Computer Games to Academic Performance of Students

CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Personal computer game (also known as computer game or simply pc game) is a video game played in the personal computer, rather than on a video console or arcade machine. Computer games have evolved from the simple graphics and game play of early titles like Space War, to a wide range of more visually advanced titles. PC games are created by one or more game developers, often in conjunction with other specialists (such as game artists)...

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Computer Games

Jose Rodriguez, Rizal COMPUTER GAMES An undergraduate research paper presented to the faculty of the College of Engineering and Technology Españo, Rhodie L. In partial fulfillment at the requirement In English 2 (Writing in the Disipline) October 19, 2012 OUTLINE THESIS STATEMENT: The life of the typical students become computer addicts characterized by spent in gaming, not attending in the class, and socializing with another computer addicts. INTRODUCTION: ...

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How to build a computer

to Build A Computer Building a computer from scratch is very complex, but also interesting. It gives you the ability to customize and personalize it to make it one’s own. In this “How To” instructional, I will be showing taking you through various steps needed in order to make this happen. This instructional will help you in designing a system targeted toward your own use. Why build ones own PC? You can upgrade easily with a custom one You will end up with a faster computer by handpicking...

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Dell Computers Sales Function Paper

Dell Computers Sales Function Paper Week One MKT-445: Sales Tools and Strategies The company chosen is Dell Computers. Dell is a computer sales-oriented company that began in 1984 by Michael Dell in Austin, Texas. Dell Computers focuses on customer satisfaction. This does not stop at the final purchase of a computer. This satisfaction started with the idea and the design, manufacturing, packaging, the sale, and continues with the technical support after the sale has been made. Without the...

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Build Your Own Computer

& Troubleshooting Instructor: Ardis Gardner 01-16-2013 INTRODUCTION My boss needs help buying a brithday present for his son. He has decided to get him the best gaming computer $1000 can buy. He also wants to impress his son so he has given me the challenge. "Make my son happy! Here is a thousand dollars." AND A WAY WE GO! If you want a gaming PC you need power. Of course it has to look KOOL. I have done the research...

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The Low-Price Strategy of Hasee Computer

Hasee Computer Company was founded in September 2000, and in April 2001 its products come into market formally. In 2006, Hasee captures the second largest market share of computers in the Chinese domestic market. Lenovo has the largest market share. Hasee international sales department started business with Korea Market, and now sells more than 20000 laptops each month in the international market in 2006. In 2006 Hasee won the bid and delivered 15,000 laptop computers to the United Nations. Unique...

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Porter 5 Forces Analysis of Computer Industry

Porter’s five forces analysis of the Personal Computer (PC) industry In his article “The five competitive forces that shape strategy“, Michael Porter (2008) updates and extends his “five forces” framework he first introduced in 1979 and which has influenced the academic and business research for decades. He reaffirms that “THREAT OF ENTRY”, “THE POWER OF SUPPLIERS”, “THE POWER OF BUYERS”, THE THREAT OF SUBSTITUTES”, and “RIVALRY AMONG EXISTING COMPETITORS” are the forces that shape every...

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Worksheet 3 Computer Skills Self Assessment Exercise

some basic computer, word processing, internet, and email skills. Use the checklists below to see if you have the basic skills necessary in these areas. This exercise can help you self-assess areas/skills that you need to brush up on. If you could not answer "yes" to all the above questions, you might want to consider upgrading your computer user knowledge and skills before applying for your dream job. No. Computer Skills Self-Assessment Yes No 1 Turn on, restart, and shut down a computer, its monitor...

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Personal Computers and Mainframes: a Comparison

Personal Computers and Mainframes: A Comparison MParker Personal Computers and Mainframes: A Comparison Comparing personal computers to mainframe computers is sort of like comparing a pebble to a boulder. When the first personal computers appeared, the word mainframe was used to differentiate these huge systems from what were then termed “minicomputers” in the early 1960s ("Computer Concepts And Terminology", 2004). The word “mainframe”...

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Different Types of Computer Games

Different Types of Computer Games Genres Role-Playing Games (RPGs): These type of games immerse players in a fictional setting wherein they control a character and must advance through the game through social interaction with non-playable characters (NPCs), decision making that can change the outcome of the game and player advancement such as skill trees and levelling up. These games can be split into two groups, single player RPGs such as Skyrim, Fallout and Mass Effect where the character interacts...

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“Disadvantages and Advantages of Computer” A Research Paper Presented to Prof. Hans Uy In partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in English IV By: Junaira R. Jamal First Year College March 2013 ACKNOWLEGDMENT I express my deepest gratitude to my family especially my mother who helps me with the grammar, invaluable guidance and blessings. I am very grateful to my English teacher Sir Han Uy for providing us with an environment to complete this project. I would like to thank my...

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Business Risk Evaluation for Dell Computer Corporation

BUSINESS RISK EVALUATION FOR DELL COMPUTER CORPORATION OPERATIONAL ANALYSIS: For the fiscal year ending February 2008, Dell's net revenue totaled $61.1 billion, and its net income was $2.9 billion. The company's total assets valued $27.561 billion, with cash and equivalents making up the largest portion, which totaled $7.764 billion. The company's cash flow in operating activities was $3.949 billion, and had approximately 88,200 total employees, including around 82,700 regular employees and 5,500...

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A Laptop Computer Is a Personal Computer

LAPTOP A laptop computer is a personal computer for mobile use. A laptop has most of the same components as a desktop computer, including a display, a keyboard, a pointing device such as a touchpad (also known as a track pad) and/or a pointing stick, and speakers into a single unit. A laptop is powered by mains electricity via an AC adapter, and can be used away from an outlet using a rechargeable battery. Laptops are also sometimes called notebook. computers,notebooks, ultrabooks or netbooks. ...

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P4 Recommend a computer system for a given business purpose

 Recommend a computer system for a given business purpose (Recommend a computer system for a given business purpose (word document) Specification I want to be able to run the Adobe CS5 professional suite of programs. I should like Windows 7 as an operating system. I want the Office 2010 suite to run on my new PC. I want Broadband capabilities. I should also like Antivirus, Firewall & Disk Clean and other Utilities Item Price Spec...

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Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple Computers, the makers of well-designed, well-coordinated, and good-looking personal home computers. Steve Jobs teamed together with Steve Wozniak to invent one of the first ready-made personal home computer. Steve Jobs was also a smart business who became a multimillionaire before the age of thirty. In 1984, Steve Jobs founded NeXT computers. In 1986, he bought the computer graphics division of Lucasfilm Ltd and started Pixar Animation Studios. What...

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Benefits of Computer Games

through the course of the improvement of technology, computer games became very popular among the youth. Whether we like it or not, computer games greatly influences our society today. Computer games become a part of people's lives. Almost everyone has been exposed to some kind of computer game – be it role playing games, puzzle games, action games played on a console, a personal computer, or a handheld device. Because of this sudden interest in computer games, concerns about its effects, may it be positive...

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Steve Jobs the Man

new company called NeXT the following year. Apple Inc’s take over of NeXT in the year 1997 reunited Steve Jobs with the company he had co-founded and became its CEO shortly after his return. Steve Jobs is known for revolutionizing the world of personal computer with his innovative user interfaces. Steve Jobs is also famous for revolutionizing the music market with his iPods and iTunes online store. Steve Jobs has also entered into the cell phone market with Apple iPhone. Apple has earned the name the...

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products over those of the competition. The company strategy is not explicitly stated and deeper aspects of their strategy are unknown to the public. The company is a multi-national corporation with globally recognized products such as the Mac computer, iPad, iPod, and iPhone. The company has and will continue to expand into foreign markets with much of the production facilities located in China so they do practice outsourcing. Apple Inc.’s core competency is innovation, which they are able to...

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NT1110 Unit 2 Analysis 1 Computer Shopper

Computer Shopper: the Student, the Gamer and BusinessmanStoops, Devin A. ITT Technical Institute – San Antonio Author Note Mr. Wulczyn: Computer Structure & Logic NT1110T: Unit 2 Analysis 1 Computer Shopper: the Student, the Gamer and BusinessmanWhat is usually required with someone’s profession? Technology has evolved and changed throughout history and the world. In the 80’s and even early 90’s, type writers and the mail man were highly relied on when it came to communication. Today when...

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Gender Parity in Bangladesh

Introduction Apple Inc is an American multinational organization located in 1 infinite loop, Cupertino, California 95014, in the middle of the Silicon Valley. It is focused on designing and developing the personal computers, other related software products, and the electronic products such as MP3 players and iPods.  Apple Inc’s main products are iMac, iPod, iPhone, and its latest advanced product is iPad, which is on the verge of creating another revolution after iPhone. Apple was founded by...

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Documentary – Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy, Bbc

apple marketed itself to the world? How has it continued with its vision over the 25 years that it has been in business? At the conference, Jobs introduced the new generation of computer with Macintosh. The computer had interactive graphic and mouse. Moreover, it promoted the brand of Apple as the pioneer of computer technology. In other words, Apple changed the trend of technology with globalization and customer. 2. What is the company philosophy and vision? The vision and philosophy of...

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Swot Analysis of Intel

analyze the internal strengths and weakness and external opportunities and threats of Intel Corporation. Eventually, I will give some recommendation. History of Intel Corporation Intel Corporation is a leading microprocessor producer for personal computer (PC) in the world. Intel Corporation was formed by In 1968, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore founded Intel Corporation. After Intel Corporation founded, they recruited several employees from Fairchild Semiconductor to help them. Intel Corporation...

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Apple Case 30: Taking a Bite Out of the Competition

Bite Out of the Competition General: • Apple had the highest brand and repurchase loyalty of any computer manufacturer • Low market share always • Recognized as being innovative and considered to have a niche status • iPod and iTunes examples of innovation • Personal computer line to transition to Intel processors (BootCamp make run windows on mac machines) • Apple’s personal computers are known for their stylish design, ease of use, seamless integration of peripherals, and high performance...

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Apple Inc. in 2011: Can It Prosper Without Steve Jobs?

differentiation strategy in an attempt to meet the needs of a global market by offering customers innovative new products and improved existing products. An important part of their strategy involves meeting the needs of the evolving digital electronics and computer markets. Apple has chosen to implement its strategy by designing and developing its own operating systems and software technologies. This has allowed them to be very flexible in developing new products as they have complete control over the software...

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History of Microsoft

first version of the BASIC programming language for the Altair, which was the first personal computer. Microsoft then licensed BASIC to other companies, such as Apple Computer, Commodore, and Tandy Corporation. In 1977, Microsoft released its second language product, Microsoft FORTRAN. Microsoft got its biggest break in 1980, when IBM chose Microsoft to write the operating system for the IBM PC personal computer. This was historically the biggest turning point for Microsoft. When the deal was...

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Marketing Environment (Macro)

and technology force which well known as PEST (figure 3). 1- Technology forces The first force that influences computer industry structure is rapid and sustained technical progress. Each year, integrated circuits and other electronic components become better, faster, and cheaper, providing opportunities for improving existing computers as well as designing a new kind. As computer comprises of hardware and software, Apple is really affected by technology innovation forces around it. Rapid innovation...

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Case Analysis

Analysis 4 How “Personal” is the personal computer you use at work? If your supervisor permits police to view your files and evidence of illegal activity is discovered, should that evidence be excluded? What are the issues presented here? Consent by a third party? Expectation of privacy based on the use of the computer? ( State v. Young 2008 and United States v. Ziegler) After reading the two cases stated above I come to the conclusion that a personal computer at work is only personal when the individual...

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Marketing Research-Hp

world's largest manufacturer of personal computers in the world in terms of unit volume and annual revenue. Its Personal Systems Group (PSG) has a 17.9% market share though the Personal Systems Group forms 34% of HP’s total revenue. Segmentation Hewlett-Packard follows the differentiated manner of marketing since HP targets different markets depending on their income budget or the customer needs. With the acquisition of Compaq, they have added more budget computers into their product offering. They...

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Apple Inc Case Analysis

of the PC Industry The personal computer industry came up during the 1970s. A personal computer is one intended for individual use, as opposed to a mainframe computer where the end user's requests are filtered through operating staff, or a time sharing system in which one large processor is shared by many individuals. In the 1980s, personal computers were mostly used by business corporations. Until the 1990s, due to the internet age and information age, personal computer became common to enter into...

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Hewlett Packard

instrumentation which has evolved towards computer software and multimedia. It is one of the 40 biggest companies of the world. Its main products are printers and peripheral devices, computers of any sizes (pocket computers, laptops, home computers as well as servers and services to other companies. The company has its headquarter at Palo Alto in the Silicon Valley in California. In 2008, the annual turnover was about 118 billion dollars and HP was the first computer maker of the world, before IBM and...

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(Dell Computer : Using E-commerce to support the virtual company)

and reaching new product markets. Based on journal entitled Dell Computer: Using E-Commerce to support the virtual company. The type of e-commerce classification is Business–to-Consumer (B2C). B2C is defined as E-commerce model in which businesses sell to individual shoppers. It was stated in jurnal that Dell computer used value web to expand their product and at once satisfy their customer. 1.2 Company Background Dell Computer was founded by Michael Dell in 1984. From the beginning, Dell operated...

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Competitive Strategies

Microsoft This Case study will focus on the competitive strategies of the following Apple vs. Microsoft. Apple Inc., formerly Apple Computer, Inc., is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers. Microsoft is a multinational computer technology corporation. The history of Microsoft began on April 4, 1975, when it was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque...

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Feasibility Study

Conclusion 6 Bibliography 8 Ms. Lovely M. Wiggers Business Systems Manager Operations Development and Project Services Aim Investments, Inc November 5, 2006 Ms. Wiggers, Please accept the attached Feasibility Study of Notebook computer for the Sales' Staff. I evaluated each model to determine which laptop best suits our needs. Each model must meet the following these requirements 60MB hard drive size, 1 GB RAM, Wireless Capability , Windows XP Operating System, Microsoft Office...

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