The 5th Wave


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1. What is Cassie’s complete first name?

          A. Cassandra

          B. Cassiopeia

          C. Catherine

2. After Cassie shoots the injured soldier in the gas station, what does she find clutched in his hand?

          A. A photograph

          B. A crucifix

          C. A strange device that looks like a cell phone

3. Who has Cassie had a crush on since she was in elementary school?

          A. Evan

          B. Mitch

          C. Ben

4. What happens during the 1st Wave?

          A. An electromagnetic pulse destroys Earth’s technology

          B. Tsunamis sweep across Earth’s oceans

          C. Aliens descend from the mother ship with guns

5. Who shoots Cassie in the leg?

          A. Ringer

          B. Ben

          C. Evan

6. Which of the following can be seen as symbolizing security and the pre-invasion world?

          A. Ben’s silver chain

          B. Sammy’s teddy bear

          C. Both A and B

7. Which military figure do Ringer and Ben kill?


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