The 5th Wave


Summary: Part 9 (A Flower to the Rain), Chapters 65-77

Summary: Part 9 (A Flower to the Rain), Chapters 65-77

Evan insists on going back to Camp Haven with Cassie to rescue her brother. After spending weeks in careful preparation, they leave the farmhouse and burn it down behind them. Within a day, they arrive at the remains of Camp Ashpit. Cassie continues to have doubts about Evan, but her doubts compete with her feelings for him and her desire to trust him. Suddenly, they are being shot at. Cassie sees someone wearing soldiers’ fatigues. A grenade goes off. Evan disappears. She continues shooting from the ravine, but isn’t sure if she hits anyone. While Evan is gone, it occurs to Cassie finally that he must be one of the Others.

Cassie confronts him with her rifle when he returns. Bit by bit, Evan explains that he is Other but he is also human. He has always been Evan Walker, but the Others implanted certain human beings before birth. The mothers of the human babies never even knew about it. Evan didn’t know he was alien until the Awakening, when the mothership started hovering over Earth. Now, however, he has all the knowledge and history of the Others, and it coexists with his human self. Evan explains that his people are from a dying planet. They are beings without bodies, beings of pure consciousness. They need the Earth to survive, but in order to take over, they have to eradicate humans—which they call “the cleansing”—without damaging the planet. Hence, their diabolical 5 Waves. Evan explains that there are two factions of thinking among the beings of his planet. Some, like Evan, believe that they could simply insert themselves into humans and live among them peacefully, without ever having to reveal what or who they are. Others, like Vosch, believe that because humans are inferior, this would be a degradation. For them, humans must be entirely wiped out. Currently, Vosch’s side is winning.

Cassie is nauseated and horrified by these revelations. She is torn between her need to trust Evan—and her belief that he actually...

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