The 5th Wave


Summary: Part 4 (Mayfly), Chapters 32-36

Summary: Part 4 (Mayfly), Chapters 32-36

The narration returns to Cassie. She’s slowly freezing to death inside a car. Unable to travel on her wounded leg, she’s been stuck inside a Ford Explorer in the middle of a blizzard. She slowly loses consciousness, apologizing mentally to Sammy because she knows she won’t be able to keep her promise to come for him. When Cassie wakes up again, she is warm and clean in a bed in an Ohio farmhouse. She has been rescued by a nineteen-year-old boy named Evan Walker, and she’s sleeping in his youngest sister’s bedroom and wearing her clothes. Evan tells Cassie that all seven of his siblings and his parents are dead, as well as his fiancée, Lauren. He’s been living alone for months. The house is well-supplied with preserved foods, candles, and firewood, and Evan goes hunting every night for meat. Cassie is immediately attracted to Evan, who is kind and handsome. He’s obviously been nursing her very carefully. She thinks she can trust him because, obviously, he’s trying to save her rather than kill her, but Cassie remains on her guard nonetheless.   

Cassie tells Evan about what she saw at Camp Ashpit—about the soldiers being the Others and about the big bomb she calls the Eye. Evan seems skeptical about Cassie’s theory, but he is totally devoted to her. She tells him about her brother, and he says he wants to come with her to rescue Sammy. Over the next weeks, Evan helps Cassie rehabilitate her injured leg with physical therapy. He also teaches her how to shoot better. Meanwhile, Cassie’s attraction to Evan grows. At the end of this section, they begin kissing. Evan tells Cassie that she “saved [him].”  

Analysis: Part 4 (Mayfly), Chapters 32-36

The farmhouse has an eerie, too-perfect quality. In the midst of complete apocalyptic destruction—no power grid, rampant hunger, disease, and terror—Evan’s clean, warm house with its stores of firewood and food seems...

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