The 5th Wave


Key Facts

Title: The Fifth Wave

Author: Rick Yancey

Type of book: Novel

Genre: Young adult, science fiction, adventure

Original language: English

First published: 2013

Set in: Roughly the present day, but in a world where alien invaders (also called Others) are systematically annihilating the human race. The action takes place in Ohio, in and around Cincinnati.

Narrator: Cassie Sullivan and Ben Parish, primarily. Occasionally there is a third-person narrator.

Points of view: First-person limited from the perspectives of Cassie Sullivan and Ben Parish; third-person limited from perspectives of Sammy Sullivan and Evan Walker.

Tense: Alternates between past and present tenses.

Protagonists: The central protagonist is Cassie Sullivan, a sixteen-year-old girl trying to rescue her younger brother from the aliens who have invaded Earth. Ben Parish is also a protagonist, and the novel switches to his point of view several times. Cassie and Ben share the same goal of rescuing Sammy Sullivan, Cassie’s five-year-old brother.  

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