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Summary: Part 3 (Silencer), Chapter 31

Summary: Part 3 (Silencer), Chapter 31

In this short section, the narration switches to the point of view of one of the Others. He is a Silencer, though he says they actually call themselves “finishers.” He’s been observing Cassie for months, unable to kill her even though that is his job. He is impressed with her courage and spirit; he even reads her diary when she goes away from the tent. At this moment, he’s watching Cassie bleed from his gunshot wound to the knee. He’s obviously in love with her and is struggling between the human and alien parts of himself. When Cassie pulls herself out from under the car and turns to face him, he can’t bring himself to kill her. Instead, he runs away.

Analysis: Part 3 (Silencer), Chapter 31

This section introduces yet another point of view, that of one of the Others. For the first time in the novel, we have clear insight into what the others actually are and, just as Vosch and Dr. Pam have suggested, they appear to be human. Perhaps they are embedded within humans; perhaps they have been within humans for a long time or only briefly—either way, they think and, it seems, feel the way humans do. At least they are capable of feeling human, as evidenced by this Silencer’s obvious admiration and love for Cassie. This turn of events adds a new dimension to the plot. As readers, we have grown to loathe the Others completely; after all, they are destroying humanity and torturing our protagonists. Providing insight into the thoughts and feelings of one of the aliens complicates things. We begin to feel sympathy. Like the reader, Cassie will soon have to confront this dramatic change of her emotional landscape. 

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