The 5th Wave


Summary: Part 7 (The Heart to Kill), Chapters 53-55

Summary: Part 7 (The Heart to Kill), Chapters 53-55

The narration returns to Cassie, at Evan’s farmhouse. Throughout this section, they become closer romantically but Cassie cannot help feeling suspicious about Evan’s nightly hunting trips. One night while he’s out, she goes into the barn and finds her old M16 concealed under some hay. She is filled with horror, suddenly suspecting that Evan knows more than he has admitted. She doesn’t understand why he would be trying so hard to save her if it is really his intention to kill her. When she confronts him about it later, Evan says he found the gun out in the woods just a few days ago. Evan encourages Cassie to trust him, and she desperately wants to do so because otherwise she fears that she will “lose the part of [her] that makes [her] human.”

Analysis: Part 7 (The Heart to Kill), Chapters 53-55

This section is focused on the theme of trust. It is fairly clear to the reader by this point that Evan is, in fact, one of the Others and that Cassie has every reason to mistrust him. However, since Yancey provided Evan’s point of view before he rescued Cassie, the reader is also aware that Evan genuinely cares for her and wants to help her. Cassie, therefore, must learn to trust him if she is to survive.

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