The 5th Wave


Summary: Part 13 (The Black Hole), Chapters 83-91

Summary: Part 13 (The Black Hole), Chapters 83-91

The narration switches back to Cassie, who is trying to figure out how to get out of Camp Haven. From Evan’s words, she knows that they have to find the escape pods—probably somewhere near Vosch’s quarters. These are preprogrammed rockets set to deliver the occupants to an unspecified distant location. Sammy says that the children are supposed to be evacuated on a plane, but Cassie doesn’t want to be taken to another Camp Haven. She grabs Sammy and heads back down the tunnel.

At this point, she and Ben meet face to face, both determined to kill each other. However, Sammy intervenes and makes the necessary introductions, and disaster is averted. Ben doesn’t remember Cassie, but of course she remembers him. Because of Sam, they decide they can trust each other. Ben says he knows the way to the escape pods, and they take off together. Ben cuts the chip out of Sammy’s head. Moments later, they run right into Vosch and a Silencer takes Sammy away.

Sammy is put into the room with the two-way mirror: the execution room. Vosch tells Cassie he’ll let Sammy live if she tells him who helped her infiltrate the base. He knows it is one of his own people. Cassie refuses to betray Evan. Vosch pushes the button to execute Sammy, but it doesn’t work because Evan has managed to hack into the main computer. Vosch exits the room to investigate, leaving them guarded by two Silencers. Cassie sees a cockroach fall through the grating and knows that Evan is nearby. She shoves their Silencer beneath the grate, and Evan kills him. Cassie takes his gun and shoots the Silencer who’s guarding Sammy.

Evan leads them through a collapsed corridor to an exit stairwell and tells them to wait for the evacuation plane to take off and then run north. He promises Cassie that he’ll find her later, but she feels like he is actually saying good-bye. After a long, painful upward crawl through the rubble, with Ben bleeding profusely the whole time, they reach...

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