The 5th Wave


Cast of Characters

Cassie Sullivan: The central protagonist of the novel, a sixteen-year-old girl who has survived the alien apocalypse and is on a mission to rescue her five-year-old brother, Sammy.

Sammy Sullivan/Nugget: Cassie’s five-year-old brother, who is taken by the aliens and begins training for their children’s army. Cassie and Ben are both determined to rescue Sammy.

Mr. Sullivan: Cassie’s and Sammy’s father, a kind and optimistic man who is shot to death by Colonel Vosch in the Fourth Wave.

Mrs. Sullivan: Cassie’s and Sammy’s mother, who dies of the pestilence that sweeps Earth during the Third Wave.

Ben Parish/Zombie: A former high school athlete who is riddled with guilt over his inability to save his younger sister from the aliens. He is brainwashed by the aliens and becomes a trained soldier in their children’s army. Once Ben discovers their deception, he resolves to rescue Sammy from the same fate.

Evan Walker: A nineteen-year-old boy raised on an Ohio farm who is host to a Sleeper alien. After the Awakening, he becomes a Silencer, or assassin. When Evan falls in love with Cassie, he turns against the Others and helps Cassie to rescue her brother.

Chris: A young man who befriends Ben during the Third Wave. At Camp Haven, Ben is brainwashed into believing that Chris is one of the Others, so Ben pushes a button to kill him.

Hutchfield: An ex-Marine and unofficial leader of Camp Ashpit before Colonel Vosch arrives there.

Crisco: A teenage boy who tries to befriend Cassie at Camp Ashpit. He is killed by Corporal el Branch just before Vosch drops the Eye on the camp.

Corporal Branch: One of the Others who appears to be a U.S. soldier. He is the first person Cassie kills, which she is forced to do when he turns his gun on her at Camp Ashpit.

Megan: A young...

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