The 5th Wave


Summary: Parts 10-12, Chapters 65-82

Summary: Part 10 (A Thousand Ways), Chapters 78-79

The narration returns to Ben, who has to get out of his hospital room before he is plugged back into Wonderland. He knocks out the orderly, Kistner, but decides not to kill him because he knows he’s just a brainwashed human. Ben dresses himself as a doctor and makes his way through the compound, looking for Sammy. He’s bleeding from his gunshot wound and from his neck where he had to cut out the microchip for the second time. Ben thinks back to the fact that he chose not to kill Kistner, and regrets it. He promises himself that if anyone comes between him and Sammy, he will kill them without hesitation. Suddenly, Ben sees a golf cart wheeling by down a hallway. On it is a blinking green orb: the Eye.

Summary: Part 11 (The Infinite Sea), Chapter 80

The narrative cuts back to Cassie’s point of view. As Camp Haven’s evacuation sirens blare, she makes her way through the ventilation system into the armory and dresses herself as a soldier. She is almost detained by a real soldier, who is probably an alien because he’s over eighteen, and she shoots him. As she does so, she promises herself that she will shoot anyone else who comes between her and Sammy. Finally, she finds Sammy among a large group of other small children, who are all being evacuated. Sammy recognizes her instantly, and hugs her.

Summary: Part 12 (Because of Kistner), Chapters 81-82

The narration cuts back to Ben as the Eye goes off. The building begins to collapse, and Ben is hit by some falling rock. He drags himself, bleeding, through the dark corridor and the rubble, determined to find Sammy. Then he sees Sammy and Cassie—who looks, to him, like a soldier. He decides to kill the soldier.

Analysis: Parts 10-12, Chapters 65-82

The narration shifts more and more rapidly between Ben’s and Cassie’s points of view as they edge closer to one another. Parts 10-12 are almost...

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