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Food and beverage Operations are concerned with the provision of food and a variety of beverages within business. The various elements which comprise food and beverage operations can be summarized in the catering cycle. The main aim of food and beverage operations is to achieve customer satisfaction. In other words, to meet the customers’ need. Food and Beverage department of a hotel or motel is a large, complex department. Good food and beverage is where there is a match between the level of service provided and that required by the customers. Food and beverage service is currently going through a variety if changes. Service both in level and standards of operation vary enormously throughout the whole range of food and beverage operations. Food and beverage service can be looked at from the customer's point of view. Essentially the customer enters a food service area, order or selects his choice and then is served. That is, the food and beverage department of a hotel or motel or restaurant is very important. So service in food and beverage operation plays a decisive role. For example, many traveller live in a hotel every day, they will ask room services or have meals in the restaurant of this hotel. They will compare with other hotels which they lived before. If the food and beverages are delicious, however, the service is too bad. Then also can not leave a good impression for this hotel. The hotel will lost a lot of future reservations. The food and beverage operation may therefore be summarized in the three systems of food and beverage operation and their relationship. The three systems are recognized within food and beverage operation. Theses are: the system for food production, the system of delivery or the service sequence and the system of customer management or the customer process. Establishments are, however, under the obligation to ensure that they do not breach the Sex Discrimination Act 1976. These Acts, among other things,...
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