Nandos Services Operations Analysis

Topics: Management, Operations management, Service system Pages: 11 (3532 words) Published: November 28, 2011
LT2012N Leisure and Tourism Services Operations Management
Coursework One – individual report
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Word count: 2, 916 (excluding executive summary, references and bibliography and tables)

NANDO’s Stroud Green, London – service operations management report Content 1.0 Executive Summary 2.0 Introduction 3.0 The service package 4.0 Service people and the service encounter 5.0 Service Processes 6.0 Capacity management 7.0 Conclusion 8.0 Visitations 9.0 References and bibliography 10.0 Appendices

1.0 Executive summary This report gives an overview at the service sector operations management for Nando‟s Stroud Green in London. It is based on information gained from visiting the restaurant on several occasions to interview the management and staff, observations from visits as a mystery customer. The slips confirming the visits are attached to the report. The theoretical concepts for service management operations have been used and applied to the restaurant operations. Firstly the ownership and management of Nando‟s will be described and its service concept will be explained. Secondly the service package for Nando‟s will be showed briefly with its service characteristics and a presentation of service quality from the management and the customer view.It links with the service people actions which will follow. Then a detailed process of delivery of the service at Nando‟s will be explained. Theory for runners, repeaters and strangers, models from Fitzegard typology for volume and variety, Schmenner for labour intensity, then capability and commodity will be applied to the restaurant. Front office and back room concept with using a service blueprinting scheme and the service layout will be presented. Capacity management scheme for Nando‟s will be analysed in the next section with management strategies, models and a brief note about Yield management. Finally they key points and recommendations will be presented in a conclusion.

2.0 Introduction Nando‟s is a private casual dining restaurant chain founded in 1987 in Johannesburg in South Africa by Fernando Duarte and Robert Brozin. Specialising in the flame grilled PERi – PERi chicken Nando‟s aim is not to be just another chain of restaurants. The main objective is to fight for client „share of stomach‟. The power in Nando‟s heritage is that it is real. The Portuguese travelled around Southern Africa and discovered PERi – PERi - a chilli which is turned into natural sauce that contains no preservatives, no colourants or artificial flavours therefore the menu is perfectly healthy eating option for adults and children. ( ) The company wants each restaurant to be individual and reflect the characteristics of its location. Although every chain serves the same kind of chicken, they all have something unique to offer and are tailored to its local surroundings and customers.

3.0 The service package Nando‟s Stroud Green provides a business-to-consumer service with quality food, friendly staff, fairly quick service and excellent value for money with average price of lunch at £11 and dinner at £16. The atmosphere is lively and family orientated. The typical menu consists of a quality chicken that has been prepared from fresh and has been marinated in peri-peri sauce for 24 hours before its ready to cook open flame. Customer can choose a level of hotness – from mild to extra hot. It‟s usually served with chips, special rice or Nando‟s salad. There‟s also a choice for vegetarians with veggie burger, veggie pitta, organic bean burger and organic bean pitta. All of the veggie items come with Nando‟s special mayonnaise. An informal policy is created which means every customer has to order their food and a drink refill at the bar and pay then collect their own cutlery and sauces. The food is delivered to the table by the waiters, who return after a while to check if everything is fine with food ordered. 3.1 Services characteristics at Nando‟s are ...
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