Professional Plan

Topics: Management, Operations management, Business Pages: 7 (2394 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Professional Plan
Charlene Hemphill
Bryant & Stratton College
COMM150: Introduction to Information Literacy
Ms. Johnson
March 29, 2011

Making a professional plan means preparing for a future career. The three careers that were chosen for this assignment of a professional plan are food service management, marketing management, and accountants. I choose food service management because I would love to own my own restaurant. Owning my own restaurant has always been a dream of mine and it is a goal that I would soon accomplish. I choose marketing management because it has a lot to do promotion and sales and managing over my own department of marketing. I choose accountant because it has a lot to do with finances and managing over customers financial records. All three of my careers have a lot to do with management and being independent in the business force.

Food service managers have a lot of tasks and responsibilities to deal with when running a small restaurant. Before becoming a manager over a restaurant there are tasks that must be met, tasks such as knowing the operations of being a manager. (Operation managers include owners and managers who head small businesses whose duties are primarily management). (The duties and responsibilities of an operation manager include formulating policies, managing daily operations, and planning the use of materials and human resources) (“General and operations manager”, 2010, para.1). The tasks that will be performed as a operations manager is overseeing activities directly related to making products or providing services, coordinate activities of business concerned with the production, pricing, and sales, reviewing financial statement, managing staff, preparing work schedules, and interviewing, hire and train new employees are also tasks that must be performed (“General and operations manager”, 2010, para.2). The education needed for an operation manager is training in vocational school, training involving both on-the-job experience and training with experience workers. An associate degree is also preferred for an operation manager. The median wage for an operation manager an hour is $44.55, and for annually its $92,650 dollars. Between the years of (2008-2018), the employment rate of an operation manager is expected to grow about 2% due to the growth of the company and replacement of jobs (“General and operations manager”, 2010, p.5, 6). Management companies are looking for management everyday to help with the success of the company. Managers are being promoted to higher levels of the company, so companies are always looking for a replacement of that occupation to help the company grow and succeed in the business force. Now that there is an understanding of the process of being an operation manager, it is safe to say that managing a small restaurant can lead to success. Food service managers have a significant amount of responsibilities and tasks when it comes to managing a restaurant. (Food service managers are responsible for the daily operations of the restaurant that prepare and serve meals to the customers. Besides coordinating various departments, such as the kitchen, dining room, and banquet operation, food service managers also ensure that customers are fully satisfied with their dining experience. They also are responsible for all administrative and human- resources of the business.)(“Food service managers”, 2010, Para. 2) for an example, they keep employees work records, they prepare payroll, and complete paperwork to comply with licensing, tax, wage and hours, unemployment, and social security laws.) (“Food service managers”, 2010, Para. 5) There are much needed tasks that must be performed to ensure to quality of customer service. (Food service managers ensure that diners are served properly and in a timely manner, they resolve customer’s complaints about food quality and service, they monitor orders in the kitchen, and they work...
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