Hotel Escarco

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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American Intercontinental University

MGT 656 – Dr. Rich Bergstrom

October 14, 2012

The Hotel Escargo has asked for a summary of the observations found for improvement. In this report the hotel needs will be summarized and a job design and measurement strategy for ensuring improvement will be proposed. Introduction

The Hotel Escargo has many services that need improving such as check-in and check-out service, multi-lingual staff, complementary concierge desk, room service, local area transportation, and amenities. Hotel needs and rank of importance

Check-in and check-out service
Multi-lingual staff
Local area transportation
According to Ricarda B. Bouncken, the more an employee knows about what the customers want and service procedures, a hotel can improve service quality. “Service quality depends strongly on the ability of hotels to acquire, to develop, to accumulate, and to distribute knowledge assets.” Check-in and check-out services

For the Hotel Escargo, check-in and check-out service needs improving. On July 31, 2012, it took 8439 seconds to check in 29 guests. The average time for checking in 29 guests is 291.0 seconds, 4 minutes and 51 seconds. The check-out time for Hotel Escargo for 32 guests on August 1, 2012 was 6703 seconds, 3 minutes and 17 seconds.

In order to reduce the number of service operations and speed up check-in and check-out, the hotel can get information about the guest prior to them arriving by acquiring information about the guest when they book online or by phone from the preferences they list. Amenities

Hotel and room amenities are important to guest. For the hotel amenities, complementary concierge service, restaurants & bars with a variety of foods, 24 hour in-room dining, full service spa’s, golf club, conference and event space, fitness zone, and multi-media kiosks for email and airline check-in are all excellent...
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