Improving Customer Service Quality in

Topics: Hotel, Cyprus, Northern Cyprus Pages: 12 (3447 words) Published: February 8, 2012

Master Research Proposal

Improving Customer Service Quality in
4-5 Star Hotels in North Cyprus

Student Name - Asif HUSSAIN

Email: Address:13,Kucuk Medrese sokak

1. Title:
Improving customer service quality in 4-5 Star Hotels in North Cyprus 2. Background
This research will focus on an additive exploration of prior undergraduate research of Hussain,(2011). In 2011 Hussain has researched only 3 star Hotels In Norther Cyprus. This study will incorporate 4-5 star hotels as its research settings. This will add new evidence to existing body of knowledge. The previous research which was made for 3- stars hotels of North Cyprus was as a part of Graduation Project and was supervised by Nafiya Guden This research will be investigating the customer service quality in 4-5 hotels of North Cyprus and how hotels can improve customer service quality within North Cyprus. Research will also be focusing the variations in the customer service quality and customer satisfaction knowledge that the North Cyprus hotels have. Looking at previous studies, the hotel management should establish a system to observe their customers’ want and their views on service quality in order to support finding out and effective decision strategy. (Vijayadurai, 2008). In this industry, the key factors in retaining existing customers is, customer satisfaction and loyalty which is largely dependant upon the service quality offered by hotels. After globalization, in order to attract many foreign and domestic tourists, hotels have been faced with the challenge of improving quality of the service offered in many ways. (Vijayadurai, 2008). Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. Today, the island has two parts: North part which is administered by Turks and unrecognised as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and South part which is administered by Greeks and recognised by the rest of the world as Republic of Cyprus since 1974. On the other hand Turkey is the only one country that recognise the TRNC all around the world.(Nadiri and Hussain, 2005) In addition to these, tourism market getting more competitive because of foreign investments, improving customer service quality is an essential issue for hotels continues success and sustainability. Altinay and Hussain, (2005)

3. Research Ojectives:

3.1 Describe the gap scores of service quality in 4-5 star hotels of North Cyprus. 3.2 Determine the difference between perceptions and expectations of customers. 3.3 Determine the difference between demographic variables and study variables. 3.4 Determine the relationship of SERVQUAL to overall customer satisfaction.

Due to North Cyprus unrecognised status in international area and fact of limited resources of the North Cyprus, this investigation can be challenging. But it is proposed that this study will be useful for hotel’s sustainability in the future. In recent time, uptrend in foreign and domestic investments in Northern Cyprus, cause a big competition in hotel industry. So as we are researching this in more detail, we can use this research study for improving service quality in all type of hotel sector in North Cyprus through previous and the future research.

4. Literature Review:

4.1 Definition and Importance of Customer Service Quality:

Chang,(2008) and Parasuraman, Zeithaml, & Berry (1985, 1988) defined supposed service quality as global judgment, or attitude, describing to the superiority of the service. They connected the concept of service quality to the concepts of perceptions and expectations in this way: ‘Service quality is viewed as the degree and direction of discrepancy between consumers’ perceptions and expectations.’ Therefore, they recommended that customers’...
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