Unit 9 Travel and Touriss

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Accommodation and transport links-
Accommodation is very important when it comes to exhibitions, conferences and events. If an event is held over a certain period of time they will need accommodation to stay in, instead of having to travel back and forth to the event. Transport links also work with accommodation as they will need to travel to the destination where the event conference or exhibition is being held wether it is by car, train boat or aeroplane. How do events effect a destination-

a good example for this would be the Olympics in Rio in 2016. People going to watch the Olympics in Rio will be spending a lot of money into their local economy by spending money on accommodation, transport, Olympic tickets, daytrips, food, drinks ect. Because of the Olympics being held in Rio this will make everyone want to visit the city. The city is also going to be a more developed place as they will want to make it a nice place to visit for such a big event. The money tourists will be paying into their local economy will go towards helping the city to be more developed. Extended stays before, or after an event-

Tourists attending events, conferences and exhibitions may like to extend their stay and stay at in that area/city a couple more days before and/or after the event. This supports the destination as the tourists will be paying for accommodation, transport, food, drink, activities and day trips. Conference event management or travel agencies are able to organise/provide these extended stays. Organised day trips and visitors attractions-

Events, conferences and exhibitions introduce people to a destination and they may take part in activities within that area, this helps visitor attractions. If a business employee is travelling abroad for an event, conference or exhibition a day trip may be included.

Popularity of unusual venues-
Businesses/organisations often want usual venues for their event, conference or exhibition as they want people who...
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