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Course Title:Diploma in Event Management & Public Relations

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Module/Subject Title:Diploma in Event Management & Public Relations

Assignment Title:Open Day event at First Step Fitness in Kildare town

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This assignment is trying to introuduce the reader to an extensive process of developing and planning an event, in our case an Open Day event organized on behalf of First Step Fitness centre in Kildare town. The emphazise of this assignment is put on understanding the reasons for procedures used while planning an activity oriented event as well as to outline the “must” when putting them into practice.


To gain a deeper understanding of First Step Fitness perception among Kildare town public, a survey was conducted (see appendices 1). Upon its results put together with a business enviroment research (PESTLE, SWOT analysis), it was decided with cohesion of First Step Fitness management that the advantages and areas on which the sport centre should concentrate when trying to attract new members, are the variety and quality of its classes. And the best way how to advance public awarness about the First Step Fitness was considered to hold an Open Day and by this to create an opportunity for the general public to be able to come and experience the classes first hand. To make the event even more attractive to visitors, it was viewed necessary to also offer local physiotherapy clinit and massage therapist a platform where the members of public would be able to address their health issues and be adviced on the right type of exercise.

By using a SMART system the Objectives of our event were then defined as:

Attract new members (classes/gym)
Showcase Sport Centre’s facilities and promote the variety of classes available to its members Create a platform where the general public could be educated on benefits of correct exercising and a heathy diet

And they would be Evaluated by:

Footfall on a day
New members signed in
Return on vouchers
Questionnaires (attendees/exhibitors)


Project overview

To orgainze an event run at a small operational budget (not profit orientated) on the last weekend in August that will attract general public while showcasing the First Step Fitness facilities and classes to encourage participation.

User requirements

To give the attending audience taste of services (classes & facilities) while creating a positive atmosphere and a good will. To have a reasonable turn out of visitors on a day of an event. To create platform where local physiotherapy clinic, massage therapist and a nutritionist can approach visiting public and attract new customers to their services.

Review and definition of products/sub-products and their flow

Assure of availability on day of the event
Identify cost for rent
Determine the use of space and rooms arrangement

Identify each others role and a person determining key decisions. Secure commitment from external participants to be present on the day of the event - Physio, Massage therapist, Nutritionist. See appendices

Identify what equipment is necessary for the event.
Identify potential sources to secure needed equipment (if any, decide who will be responsible for the pick up and return of the equipment). Evaluate the cost of the equipment.
Make sure all equipment is in best conditions before the event and in requiered numbers.

Identify the sources and amounts of potential revenue and expenses. Revise for realistic and necessary true cost and revenue updates. Value-in-kind sponsorship (SuperValu Kildare has offered to supply all necessary refreshments - water, fruits + sandwiches) See...
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