Business and Admin Unit 5 Section 1

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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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1. When organising a business event, describe the range of support activities that may be required.

When organising a business event there are a number of things to consider before any organisation can start. These include: •The type of event - The main question to ask here is whether the event is to be on the business premises or at a different location •The budget allowed for the event – before any organisation is started it is important to know the budget for the event •The date of the event – It is useful to have more than one possible date, specially if the event is to be at an independent location, this allows more flexibility should venues be already booked •The numbers involved – this again is important when considering the location to ensure the venue can accommodate the required numbers •The length of the event – this will determine what catering is needed and whether overnight accommodation is needed. In house event

When organising an event that is to be held on the company premises the main things to consider are: •The number of individuals that are expected to attend
The date of the event
The times of the event
Will refreshments be needed
Will equipment be needed, for example, if there is to be a presentation a screen will be needed to project the presentation onto, if there is to be a speaker, will sound equipment be needed •Is an outside speaker required.

Once all the information has been established it will probably be necessary to book a room for the event, ensuring it is large enough to hold all the delegates comfortably. The refreshments need to be ordered. A lot of organisations have companies they use for events. Any equipment that is going to be needed needs to be sourced and if available within the company and if necessary booked for use that day. If it is not available from within the company it will need to be sourced from an external supplier. If there is to be an outside speaker, they will have to be approached...
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