Business and Administration Unit Five

Topics: Management, The Agenda, Event planning Pages: 4 (861 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Section 1 – Understand how to support the organisation of a business event

1. When organising a business event, describe the range of support activities that may be required.

The very first task before any business event is making a good plan which should include very clear event objectives and expectations. The plan should also include pre-event activities and tasks as well as such details like who is going to take care of these tasks. Depending on the size of the event, striking a planning committee may be required so actually the very first task would be choosing a group. The next tasks would be choosing possible dates, identifying participants and speakers, setting the budget for the event and writing a draft agenda. The tasks which usually follow are getting quotes from several venues including room/hotel room rental rates, audio visual and catering costs and presenting them to the committee – making a decision, booking external speakers and presenters, sending e-mails with information about date, time and place of the event to participants, creating a detailed event plan, finalizing the agenda and the list of participants, booking travel and accommodation for participants, finalizing audio visual and catering, printing name tags, lists, hand-outs and speaker’s notes and finally finalizing the room layout.

2. Complete the table below by identifying two ways of providing support before, during and after a business event.

Before| During| After|
1.Sending meeting request| 1. Greeting attendees, dealing with registration, issuing badges and event pack etc.| 1. Typing up minutes/notes| 2.Circulating agenda, minutes and any others relevant documentation. 3.Making arrangements for refreshment if necessary | 2. Minute or note taking3.Serving refreshment| 2.Circulating minutes/notes. 3.Amending minutes/notes according to any feedback.|

Section 2 – Understand the purpose of displaying professional and helpful behaviour...
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