Event Impact Analysis

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Event Impact Analysis

The Social Impacts of the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival:

Change in Community Perceptions and effect on Destination Image


Event Industry

‘The biggest festival in the U.K history’

The Isle of Wight Act

Social Impacts

Methods of measurement



Cultural events such as festivals e.g. wine, food, music, have increased in popularity and this is evident around towns and cities. Such events contribute to the improvement of destinations, hence a growing number of destinations have recently launched their own cultural events Seg-Fest in the Midlands and The Big Feastival in Clapham, in the hope of capitalising on the benefits these events bring, some of which are according to (Palmer 2004) report ‘raising international profile of city/ region, attracting visitors, enhancing community pride and self confidence.

Festivals can be seen as an investment for their host cities coupled with the right support from community, businesses and local government; cultural events can progress to become hallmark events.

(Getz 2007) Describe hallmark events as ‘major one-time or recurring events of limited duration, developed primarily to enhance the awareness, appeal and profitability of a destination in the short or long term’.

In hindsight, there presents a greater need to accurately assess and monitor the impacts of hallmark events. This is because there is a bigger emphasis on the destination for which the hallmark event is synonymous with (quote). Therefore staging a hallmark event which result negative impacts such as overcrowding, extreme pollution, improper waste management, antisocial behaviour will undoubtedly tarnish the destination image, as supposed to damaging the reputation of the event organisers.

The purpose of this report is to identify and critically analysis the social impacts imposed on stakeholders as a result of hosting cultural events. The study will explore two selected elements of social impacts which are; change in community perceptions and destination image. The report will focus on the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival, held in Woodstock during the month of August. The report will provide the context, in which the festival was held, specific issues that lead to social impacts on host community and the appropriate methods for measuring these social impacts.

Event Industry

‘An event is a onetime or infrequently occurring event outside the normal program or activities of the sponsoring or organising body. To the customer, an event is an opportunity for a leisure, social or cultural experience outside the normal range of choices beyond everyday experience’ (Getz 2005).

There is much literature on the origin of events, each noting that events have been celebrated for centuries, from their humble beginnings as small community gatherings to mega events such as the Olympic Games.

(Getz 2005) notes that ‘planned events of all kinds have been an integral part of civilization for thousands of years, from political assemblies to sport competitions, feasts and revelry to religious celebration’

One of the fastest growing types of events is witnessed in the area of festivals celebrations, which are celebrated in all cultures at any given time of the year. The appeal of festivals is partly because the scope is not limited as any of human interest and objectives can generate the need or want to plan a festival. However according to an article written by (Robert Ashton 2003)

Live events such as music festivals have seen the fastest growth within the UK’. And states that ‘Record breaking summer (2003) of concerts and festivals ushers in new era for British live music industry’.

‘The biggest festival in the U.K history’

The 1970 Isle of Wight Festival began as a dream to many, who attended at the time. The Isle of Wight is located off the south coast of England and. The locals view their town as an idyllic beach side...
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