London Olympics 2012: a Pre-Event Analysis.

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In this assignment I was asked to plan and design a research project to examine event Behaviour and experiences. The purpose of this assessment is to communicate key issues in the required format of a written presentation; and prepare and present a research report, which aims to develop knowledge in a relevant events-related area. The event I picked that to assess and plan my research on was Economic regeneration and the London Olympics 2012: A pre-event analysis. Economic impacts will either have positive impacts or negative impacts when involving events as a major factor of this is the economic influence of an activity or industry to the local economy. The success of an event will determine how the flow of money is dispersed into the community whether it will be profitable or non-profitable. Impacts can be at variance due to the type and form of an event ranging from a community constructed event for example a talent show to a mega-event, such as the Olympics. Events have range of impacts – both positive and negative on their host communities and stakeholders (Getz 2011 pg. 80) “The expenditure in the local community is more likely to support supplier jobs in tourism related sectors of the economy than create new jobs” (Raj 2009 pg. 21) Positives

The main positive economic impacts are that events in local communities will increase the opportunities for local residents who live close by to obtain employment on a full time basis or part time, by introducing additional full time and part time jobs in a community will give a progressive theme bout the community and the event holders itself. Tourism is also a big factor towards economic impacts as it can influence their spending habits causing them to stay in a specific area even after the event where they will spend money in local shops such as newsagents, laundrettes and cafes. Another economic impact is that events also Increase recognition of a town and its location by raising its profile as people will come to the town because of a previous experience when they visited or what they heard or saw. “Economic impact of events”

Job creation
Tension between locals and tourists
Positive and negative
Hall, 1929 (pg. 81) Negatives

A negative impact is that there will most likely be changes in prices the fact that prices will increase, such as UK hosting Olympics 2012 bus fares have risen and train fares have also risen and we are currently in recession so it just makes situation worse be that cause people may rather use a cheaper form of transport such as riding bicycles or walking. Another negative impact is inflation on the price of housing and accommodation and retail in the affected area due to events being held in that community. Due to events there will be a lot of changes in regards to the quality and quantity of goods and services as there is a rise in population from tourism which will lead to more supplies as demand becomes higher and also goods and service available in an area may not be able enough to provide for such an event as it could be a little community and they may not have enough. There will likely to be alterations with property and taxes in regards to provide the cost of local services which will be higher because of the attendance of tourism activity, locals would...
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