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2009 Shoppers’ Stop

Submitted to: Prof. Pravin Patil Submitted by: Saumya Gupta Srusti Shrestha Panda 7/10/2009

The toughest of endeavors in this world is not possible without the support of a helping hand which guides and motivates a person to take on any challenge head on. Inputs from such helping hand are always like very essential because more often or not certain mistakes which go unnoticed from our eyes. We are indebted to our Prof. Pravin Patil, ICFAI Business School, Pune for giving us such a nice opportunity to work something related to practical exposure of retail industry & extending his untiring guidance to us, by constantly discussing the project matter and helping us in clarifying our thinking in several pertinent issues and providing a meaning full insight into the subject.

Shoppers’s Stop
“The tapestry of history has no point at which you can cut it and leave the design intelligible.” The foundation of Shoppers' Stop was laid on October 27, 1991 by the K. Raheja group of companies, one of India's biggest hospitality and real estate players. The Group crossed yet another milestone with itslifestyle venture-Shoppers' Stop. With its immense expertise in the service industry and creditability, Shoppers' Stop today boasts of 27 retail outlets across the country and is planning to spread its wings with futuristic expansion plans to meet the challenges of the retail industry. A benchmark for the Indian retail industry to follow, Shoppers' Stop has progressed from a single brand shop to a Fashion & Lifestyle store for the families. Shoppers' Stop is a household name, known for its superior quality products, services and above all, a complete shopping experience. Shoppers' Stop was the first to redefine shopping experience and creating a niche for itself in the service industry. As India's first specialty chain with outlets in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Chennai, Shoppers' Stop offers a complete range of garments and accessories for the entire family. More than 25,000 customers walk into Shoppers Stop everyday to feel the experience of shopping. Andheri was the first store to be opened in India. The initiative of this store was taken by B.S.Nagesh at a time when the concept of retail industry was just coming into the market. As on today, the current investors in Shoppers‘ Stop are ICICI, IL&FS Investments and Zodiac clothing. Their combined shareholding in Shoppers Stop is 19% while 79% is held by Raheja Group & balance 2% is held by its employees.

Corporate profile:
Vision: To be a global retailer in India & maintain no.1 position in Indian market in Department Store Category.

“Nothing but the best” To strive & achieve nothing but the best in terms of processes, practices & deliverables.

The following values help Shoppers‘ Stop in achieving its mission & vision:  We shall not take what is not ours  The Obligation to Dissent (against a viewpoint that is not acceptable)  We shall have an environment conducive to openness  We shall believe in innovation  We shall have an environment conducive to development  We shall have the willingness to apologize and/or forgive  We shall respect our customer's rights  We shall be fair.

B.S. Nagesh (Customer Care associate & Managing Director) Govind Shrikhande (Associate Director & CEO)

Business Partners:
Launched as India's premier retail chain for branded apparel and accessories, Shoppers' Stop has systematically progressed from only branded apparel to private label garments to home furnishings, and finally into books and music - all focused on our customers' lifestyle requirements and aspirations. In 2000, SSL diversified into Bookstore Retailing by acquiring 51% stake in Crossword which it later increased to 100% in 2005. SSL has also ventured into various categories like cosmetics through MAC, mother and infant care through Mothercare, home solutions through Home Stop,...
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